This Drawing is from Danny Roberts Lily cole and gemma ward sketchbook

Volume 2

As Requested.

well Hilde, asked to see this drawing cause it’s in the backround of the picture with Little Miette. so here it is. It;s from my “Lily and Gemma Book” thus the page number. oh for thoses who are confused…. i know i’ve called this book a couple of names,”The Lily and Gemma Book” and also “The Character Sketchbook” , but there’s a reason for the two names. The original name of the book was “The Lily and Gemma Book” because when i started the book it i only drew Lily Cole and Gemma ward in it in order to cut down on variables and monitor my drawing progress and evolution. but as the book went on and as my drawings started improving i ended up adding a few others lovely individuals like Sophie Ward, and Heather Marks to name a few. but now i’m not sure what the new name of the book should be… my first thought was character Sketchbook, but i’m definately not sold on the name… any sugestions i would love some. To see more from Volume 1 and Volume 2

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