Artist Danny Roberts of igor and andre Painting of Miette from his Storybook Series the Dream Walking Society

Fairy Tale

Miette’s First Visit to the Other Side

Hey Friends, How’s the week going for you? This week has been crazy… Been trying to finish up a bunch of projects before i leave tomorrow night at midnight for Texas. My good Friend Stacy Dupree of the band Eisley is getting married to another friend Darren King of the band Mutemath. I’m really excited, they are both wonderful people, also really excited to see all my friends in Texas, too. :) So the Painting today… The painting is of a Character named Miette from a story book series i’ve been wanting to write. I have been having a lot of fun painting Little Kids lately. I really like how the painting turned out. She turned out exactly the way i had pictured her. I really hope you like it :)

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