Danny Roberts Sketch of Ginger M. Toast Miester Study Sketch of a cat in a suit tuxedo

Fairy Tale

Ginger M. Toast Miester Study Sketch

Hey Friends… So my good Swedish friend from BlogLovin Mattias came down to stay with us this weekend. Mattias is a big fan of Surfing, So we hung out at the beach all weekend, Needless to say, i’m painfully sunburnt! My stomach is bright red right now… hahaha The Painting today is a Study Sketch of Ginger Marmalade Toast Miester. If you don’t know, Ginger Marmalade Toast Miester is a kid’s story written by Sophie Ward that i am doing the artwork for. This was a Early character Development sketch i did for it. We ended up going in a different direction with it, but i really like his glasses and his suit… He’s like the 007 cat! haha Well anyways, i hope you like it. :)

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