Danny Roberts Painting of his Friend Sing/song writer of Eisley, Stacy Dupree for her Birthday


Happy Birthday Stacy!

Hello Friends! Well, I’m pleased to say, it’s my good friend Miss Stacy king‘s Birthday. She turns the big 21 today! woot woot! So i thought a “Queen Stacy” portrait was in order. If you all aren’t familiar with her, she’s a singer and writer of the band Eisley. If you don’t know them click here to check out and enjoy! Also, Stacy, Sophie Ward, and I are working together on a Collaboration Project called “The Siren Who Loved“. Basically, the project is the coolest thing i have worked on by far! Well, my friends, hope you’re having a great day. I hope you like the picture. :) P.S. On a side note, the dress Stacy is wearing in the the picture i drew, is one of the first dresses i have ever designed and sewed! haha! Wow, like 4-5 years ago ;)

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