danny roberts collage of a girl playing hide and seek


Hide & Sea

Hello, my friends! How was your day? Spent a good amount of the day drawing. But i ended up doing another collage for you all :) I really like how it turned out. It’s kinda trippy looking, and also kinda reminds me of the first Romeo & Juliet painting i did a month back. I saw this image of the picture of the girl covering her eyes, on the Dream walking Society, and thought it was amazing!! i love it :) The picture seriously makes me want to play Hide and Go Seek so bad! When was the last time you played that game?! I think I might need to organize a large Hide-N-Seek game in the near future… :) Well, i hope you’re having a great day! :) P.S. The other day, some of you on Twitter, asked me to post some of the songs i wrote…. thought i would post a little song i wrote a little while back… It’s just a simple piano song… I hope you like it :)

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