Volume 2

Hide N Seek

When was the last time you all played Hide & Seek? This image reminds me of playing that game. How was your day? Mine was great, drawing grid suit Croquis (Fashion sketchs) all day. Got like 25-30 drawn now. i decided to quit for the night when my eyes started to hurt and get all hazy… haha The picture today is from Volume 2 of my Character Sketchbook. The original picture is of Swedish model Mona Johannesson. I love the picture, i feel like the image captures Intimacy & Love perfectly. At least, whenever i think about love, that image pops into my head, not sure why. It’s just so playful. I’m not sure if my picture has that same feeling, but i sure tried… haha. Well, i hope you all are doing wonderful, and hope you like the drawing :)

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  1. McKenna | Reply

    She COMPLETElY looks like a fairy. I LOVE her! She's going to sprout wings and fly out of my computer! AHHH!!!

    …and now i have the uncontrollable urge to play hide and seek…

    …fly, little fairy! Fly from the laptop! *squee!* ;P

    June 4, 2009 at 10:30 pm
  2. oh my goodness, i played last night!!!
    how strange is that?
    I also watched the sixth sense, and this reminds me of hayley joel osment's fort. How strange a fusion of my events last night! moreover, how gorgeous! very well done :)


    June 5, 2009 at 2:02 pm