Danny Roberts Painting of Photographer Irving Penn Self Portrait of him in Military uniformPainting by Danny Roberts of Kate Moss Nude irving penn photo


Irving Penn 1917 – 2009

Well Friends, We all lost a genius today. Legendary photographer Irving Penn died today at age 92. I have to say, I’m pretty bummed about his passing. I feel like the number of Old Great Artists like him keep dwindling down. He is one of my all time favorite photographers…a true inspiration… I mean, he was still working in his 90’s! So awesome! Shoot! He is so, so, so amazing! I just hope we (young artists) can take the baton and inspire the world like Irving has. As a Tribute to him, I thought I’d share these two paintings today. The first painting is an old picture of Irving Penn in the the military. The second one is of the Nude Portrait he did of Kate Moss. I really tried to do the painting in a way that would do justice to Irving’s incredible Black & Whites. I hope you like the pictures. If you haven’t seen Irving Penn’s work, please look it up. You will be a fan!

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