Danny Roberts Portrait of the Great 1800s Artist & Illustrator, Aubrey Beardsley


The Great Aubrey Beardsley

Hello friends! how are you? Are you all getting excited for Christmas?! I sure am, this is by far my favorite time of year. Oh thank you all for you kind words and kind wish for me to feel better. I’m Starting to feel a bit better. :) I think i’m about ready for a vacation. I realized i haven’t taken a Vacation in 2 or 3 years, so i think it’s about time to take some time off… been so run down lately. Today i wanted to post a portrait i drew of one of my all time Favorite Artist, Aubrey Beardsley. Aubrey Beardsley was born 21 August 1872, and he died at the young age of 25. It’s amazing to me his skill and the amount of art he produced in such a short period of time. The Line work and detail in all his pieces are incredible. I hope you like this tribute, and hope you are having wonderful day!

P.s. RIP Brittany Murphy you where incredible. Your role of Luanne on King of the Hill is one of my favorite characters ever…

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