Model mona johannesson sitting in a field and a renaissance painting

Inspiration Friday

The Siren Book Act 5

Hey there, my friends. How have you been? You all have been amazing! Such nice and great comments and questions; i’ve been trying to get back to comment to all of them, so if i miss your question, try to let me know. :) Ok, so over the last couple weeks, my good friend from the other side of the world, Miss Sophie Ward, has been blessing me with daily new Chapters from our Collaboration Siren Art Project. So i’ve been reading it over and listening to the wonderful songs my incredible friend Stacy Dupree has written for it, and my brain has been going wild!! It’s killing me not getting to share the stories and the song with you… but soon, i promise, soon! i think it is going to be the most beautiful project i’ve ever done by far! I may not be able to share the words or the songs yet, so i think i will share a few pages out of the 350 page inspiration book i threw together for the project, to give us a vision before we had one. This section is the inspiration for the second to last section of the story. :) Hope you like it!

Model mona johannesson sitting by the sea and a girl in pastelDanny Roberts inspiration book girl with her hair blowing, and a couple kissing.beautiful inspiration friday image of a girl in red hair and bonettRomantic photo shoot of polina kouklina under a tree inspiration fridayModel laying on her back and spiraling colorsa Fashion image of a girl in bathing suit and brown hair laying on her back, and a close up of Mona Johannessons face
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