Danny Roberts 38th Blogger Portrait series painting of Jezebel Jenna Sauers


Jenna Sauers aka Jezebel Jenna

Well i know it’s been a while since i posted a blogger portrait, and it’s not because i couldn’t think of someone. It’s actually the opposite! I have a list of Bloggers that i completely love and want to do a portrait & Feature, But the only thing has been it’s been brutal finding time in the day! Well, it’s crazy to think but this is the 38th blogger featured in the Series & the 50th Blogger Portrait painted!! haha So crazy, huh? i didn’t think i had painted that many till i was filing this drawing on my computer, and there were 50 paintings in the folder! hah Well, I’m excited to unveil this blogger, cause she is one of my friends from New York. Her name is Jenna Sauers and she is a former model from New Zealand, and she Blogs & Writes for the mighty Jezebel.com. My good friend Sophie Ward introduced us a few weeks ago at NYFW. And it was then that i was introduced to her blog and her writing. She is incredibly witty and has a very interesting perspective on the fashion industry. And Team Igor + Andre (me, my brother David, Ryan + Alice Baxley) have voted her officially Best Twitter coverage of Fashion Week. hahaah Her Tweets were amazing!!! Please check out her blog

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