A collage of Artist danny Roberts  blogger portraits


2nd Blog Birthday! woot woot!

Well, my friends,
it’s my pleasure to say, i’ve now blogged for 2 years!
Wow, time has flown by! So crazy. It is Igor + André 2nd blog birthday, and i have to say it’s been the best 2 years. Wow, i started this blog having never read a blog, or really knowing what blogging was all about.
Didn’t think anyone would ever read it and now 2 years later, almost a million people have stoped by. I came on here not expecting anything, and just wanting to share whatever project i was working on. You have giving me so much. Friendship, support, feedback, and so much more. Really, words can’t describe how grateful i am for you. i mean, i wouldn’t be able to spend my time making art if it wasn’t for all the support. Last year, I posted an image like this with all the Blogger Portraits, and i spent the week trying to figure out what to post… it was really hard, even drew a really weird birthday cake today, but it just didn’t feel right. I mean, how do you sum up a year? or even 2 years? Then it hit me, you look at what matters the most. For me, I think the best thing about blogging has been the Friends that have been born out of it. So, i thought an updated Blogger portrait image would be the best way to represent the year’s bloggers. I hope you like it. & Thank you so much for everything.
I truly mean it. ;)

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