A collage of Artist danny Roberts  blogger portraits


2nd Blog Birthday! woot woot!

Well, my friends,
it’s my pleasure to say, i’ve now blogged for 2 years!
Wow, time has flown by! So crazy. It is Igor + André 2nd blog birthday, and i have to say it’s been the best 2 years. Wow, i started this blog having never read a blog, or really knowing what blogging was all about.
Didn’t think anyone would ever read it and now 2 years later, almost a million people have stoped by. I came on here not expecting anything, and just wanting to share whatever project i was working on. You have giving me so much. Friendship, support, feedback, and so much more. Really, words can’t describe how grateful i am for you. i mean, i wouldn’t be able to spend my time making art if it wasn’t for all the support. Last year, I posted an image like this with all the Blogger Portraits, and i spent the week trying to figure out what to post… it was really hard, even drew a really weird birthday cake today, but it just didn’t feel right. I mean, how do you sum up a year? or even 2 years? Then it hit me, you look at what matters the most. For me, I think the best thing about blogging has been the Friends that have been born out of it. So, i thought an updated Blogger portrait image would be the best way to represent the year’s bloggers. I hope you like it. & Thank you so much for everything.
I truly mean it. ;)

Danny Roberts Drawing of People laying around as wallpaper


The People Paper

Wow! Today went by way, way, way too fast. I’m so dead tired! Oh, ok. So, it’s been way too long since I made a computer Wallpaper for you all. So, i did this painting for you. Click Here to get the High Res Version. How did your day go? Oh, yea!~ I did some paintings for Sundance Channel’s “Full Frontal Fashion” for New York Fashion Week. I really like how the paintings turned out. For some reason, i feel like they are very different feeling. If you want to see the paintings, the Web gallery is here and you can read the article here :)
Lastly, I just wanted to say thank you to Fashionista.com and Refinary29 for posting my Irving Penn Tribute. Your sites are two of my all time favorites! So thanks again. :)

Danny roberts blogger portaites of style blogs


A Lot of Bloggers

Ok, so i was talking with my friend on ichat, and looking through files on my computer when i realized how many blogger portraits there are now. i kinda lost track and now i think there are like 24? So crazy! Wow, so many great blogs out there. Thanks to all of you readers and bloggers for making such a great community. So i L-O-V-E-D Roman Holiday. Think i’m going to see it again. i think it just tied for first with Funny Face, but the more i think about it, maybe solid number one. i think part of it is because i daydream all day about traveling and going on adventures with princesses, which is basically the movie, but yes, it was wonderful. Thanks for suggesting it! Oh, so for the post today, i thought it would be fun to do a post with all of the portraits side by side straight down… hope you like!

This image is Wallpaper Danny Roberts made for Igor + André



So I figured out a little too late that i had skipped number 198. haha so i decided to draw that one today. i’m half way done with it. I really like how it’s turning out. i think it will look kinda different for me; been working on developing new techniques. On a side note… i’ve got a few comments asking if i could post images for computer wallpaper. I hadn’t though of that, and thought it was an interesting idea…. so the image above is my first attempt at it. Click on it to get the full size image. If you all want me to make more i can…. i hope every one is having an amazing day. i think i’m off to lunch… or is the saying out to lunch? hahah. well anyways. enjoy.