Inspirational images Lina Scheynius of a girl hair blowing in the sunset  and a boys dark silhouette

Inspiration Friday

The Road is Long, Tough, and Cold

Well a Very Happy Inspiration Friday! How are you doing my friends? My Day has been amazing! it’s like the full trifecta… 1: It’s Inspiration Friday 2: It’s My Moms Birthday 3: I got Featured on MODELS.COM!!! As you all pretty Much know Models are my favorite subject matter to draw. So basically to be featured on the front page is like a dream come true! Thank you Chris from One Management &! Click Here to Check out the Interview. Today’s inspiration Friday has a kind of dark vibe to it, but listen to the band “Explosions in the Sky” while you are looking at the images, and you should get the right vibe. Last weeks image set was kind of the ending to this set. Think of this weeks images as The First half of a book, Last Weeks as the last half of a book. I’ve been lovely some of those oldpaintings. The Images are from Lina scheynius, Brassai, Hans Memling, Simone Martini, Steven Meisel, and Joseph Mallord William. if i left anyone out let me know! :) Hope your having a Magical day!

Brassai aka Gyula Halsz Photo of guys and girls in a theater mirror black and whiteOld 1800 photo in the show of russians Inspiration FridayLina scheynius and Brassai pictures of people one latter and trees and panty hosescenes from the passion of christ Hans MemlingSaint Martin Renounces His Weapons painting by Simone MartiniSteven Meisel Black and white photo from vogue Italy march 08 and an old treeSnow Storm, Hannibal and his Army Crossing the Alps 1812 by the great painter Joseph Mallord William
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