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Nylon Mexico – Shirt Feature

Well, i’ve been painting today, and still have a painting i will post tonight, dont worry, but i wanted to do a “Press” post, cause a few magazines and newspapers have been nice enough to feature, use my work, and interview me. It’s been amazing and crazy over the last few days. Like out of nowhere i saw my handbags featured on The Home Shopping Network yesterday! haha i was tripping out! First time i’ve seen my work on TV! It was fun, my mom and i were tripping out. But yea, first off, i want to thank Nylon Mexico for featuring my Girls in Glasses Shirt in their June/July Music Issue. Also, yesterday, the Examiner.com posted an interview i did with them. If you want to read it Click Here. And thank you to Marie Claire Spain for featuring my Cover on your post today. :) I’m going to have the new painting up in a little while. Also, i am starting a monthly email newsletter, to update & alert you all on news, events, and new products, etc. If you want to get the updates, enter your email address in the form below! Hope you’re doing great. ;)

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  1. Hey Danny!
    This is Andy from StyleScrapbook.com

    I recieved my girls in glasses te so Ill be DIY´ing some shoulder pads today and posting about it.
    btw, My new blog with ELLE magazine in spain was launched today!! I would love if you check it out and when I post about my girls in glasses tee, Ill tell everyone to run and but one! :P


    August 3, 2009 at 8:57 am