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In Vogue Brazil!

Hey Friends!!@ How are you doing today? I’m having a wonderful day. It’s pouring rain outside and my windows are open with cold fresh air pouring in. I’m just sitting and painting & listening to an amazing playlist of music. The music definitely fits the mood for today. I’m water coloring right now. It’s my first time in a really long time that i have used actually straight up water colors. I forgot how much i like to water color! Oh, so the other day i was asked what i listened to when i make art, which gave me an idea… I was thinking of making a my own Online Radio Station, where i would Broadcast the music i’m currently listing to as i paint. That way, if you all wanted to you could listen and sit and paint along! Let me know what you think of the idea. :) OK, so you know how my favorite hobby is drawing Vogue Covers, well…. also, I’m featured In VOGUE Brazil!! How amazing is that! i’m kinda flipping out! haa It’s such an honor, especially having my work sitting next to Andy Warhol & Christian Lacroix art work. The article is incredibley well written and super interesting. It’s on the history of Fashion Illustration and how it’s beginning to return again. Thank you, Cynthia, from Vogue! You are incredible.

Vogue Brazil Article on the history of Fashion Illustration
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