Artist Danny Roberts Reinterpretation of Fashion Model Ali Michael from DNA agency, the painting is of Ali laying on her side with bright blue eyes.


The Bright World Of Ali Michael

Hello friends! Sorry i didn’t get this post up last night… Basically I was the only one awake in the house, & i was drifting off to sleep as the image was uploading… So i thought it best not to post because, The Writings of a 3/4 of the away asleep Dyslexic Boy are not a pretty sight! haha Oh so, Thank you all so so so much for the Blog Birthday Wishes! It really means alot! I’m really excited for what the next year will bring. I Actually started to plan out ideas for the blog content, a day or so ago… Are there any Series you would like to see more of? Storybook series? Blogger Series? The Series on Love? The Model Series? (which i got some new things planned) Well the post today is of The Lovely Miss Ali Michael! She is such a fun model, Plus she is a Texan! Ali has such a beautifully calm demeanor & Presence. So I guess she has a tumblr account! The painting today is of a self portrait off her blog! Well … i think it was a self portrait. But when i saw it, i had to paint it! It’s so intriguing, huh? Well, i hope you like it. ;) Do check out her blog, it’s

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