a Fashion Painting of Sasha Pivovarova wearing a jacket with pointy ears by Artist Danny Roberts.

Volume 3

Sasha & the Pointy Ears

OK, is it just me or do you want a coat that has sweet ears like this one! Shoot! When i saw this editorial, i couldn’t stop thinking how amazing that coat was. Well, my friends, we are almost done with the week. How’s your week going? Mine has been a long one. Been swimming alot more than i usually do; it’s been quite nice. I’m going to try to up date the store with new prints people have requested, so if you have any requests, just let me know. :) This drawing is drawing 209 out of Volume 3 of my Character Sketch Book of Sasha Pivovarova If you want to see more Drawings from Volume 3 Click Here or if you want to see more Drawings from my Character Sketch Book Click Here

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  1. ha! what a lovely coattt :D

    i've been looking at your drawings for awhile now, found out about you by yes, the lovely Brooke White. :)
    you're amazing. but im sure you already knew that.

    keep up the GREAT work!

    August 6, 2009 at 5:42 pm
  2. Opal | Reply

    That photograph is from one o fmy favourite editorials ever so this made me very happy!
    I absolutely adore your work, thankyou for creating such beautiful images.

    August 16, 2009 at 6:14 pm