Inspirational image 1900 - 1920 black and white picture of two boys dressed as clowns one is on a horse and the horse is jumping and bucking the kid off

Inspiration Friday

The Land Of the Runaways

Happy Inspiration Friday! Welcome my Friends to the Land of the Runaways! So a few years ago i kept having these dreams that all took place in the Forest of the Runaways. haha no joke, it only existed in my dreamworld, and the Runaway Forest was full of rag tag kids that either didn’t have a family or had runaway from home and now lived in this Kids town they built in the forest. In my dream i would always come visit them, and lead them on random adventures. So today’s set of images are inspired by the Runaway’s Forest. It’s kinda uncanny how much the images look like that world! so Fun! I’m hopping to start writing short stories from my dream world. ;) The collection of images are from Shorpy, Lula Magazine, and from my friends Knightcat & Alice. P.S. I Added Buttons to the right to “Inside My Brain” & “The Dream Walking Society” :)

Models Romina Lanaro, Behat Prinsloo, Felicity Gilbert for Heavenly Creatures Editorial Vogue UK March 2006 Laying Down sleeping in a Field and A Tough Black and white Graining Tough Looking 1920s imagesA warm Inspirational Photo of a Profile of a beautiful Girl wearing a hat and hair blowing with a soft focus by the oceanAn Old Sepia Photo Archived Picture of 9 young girls standing in two rows for the 4th of july Wearing Big Hats and American Flage Skirts and shirts in the 1920s or 1940s or 1930sBeautiful Portrait of a young girl with Freckles, bright red lips, and 1950s style hat, and blond braided hair for Danny Roberts Inspiration FridayAmazing picture of Ali Michael from DNA Model the image is from Lula magazine Spring issue 10 the photographer was Catherine Servel and a 1800 black and white picture of an old man with a beard Inspiration imagesTwo Sepia Great depression inspirational photos Freckle Faced girl and a boy with  dirty face and wearing a torn cap and sweater
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