Igor and andres inspiration book picture of girls profile

Inspiration Friday

Welcome To the Land of Love

Last night was incredible! The Movie was sooooo soooooo goood! Thank you so much Lucrecia for an absolutely incredible night! Awe, so happy it’s Inspiration Friday! The theme is “The Land of Love” What is the Land of Love, you ask? Well, so basically, i have this random theory that whenever i fall in love, i will disappear from “This World” and be magically teleported to the world people call “The Land of Love”. (see images below) This is the land where there is always a fog or a smokey haze. A land filled with Mystery & Adventure. So with that said, i hope you like the images. If you have any ideas for next week’s Inspiration Friday theme, do let me know! i would love to hear! :)

A girl and a splash of water from Danny Roberts inspiration book A picture of an amazing coastline from Danny Roberts inspiration bookA man running throught the snow from Danny Roberts inspiration bookIgor and andre inspiration book picture of burnt down cabins Danny Roberts inspiration book images of a guy and girl laying down kissing on a dock
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