Artist Danny Roberts Painting of Miette for the Dream Walking Society Runaways Ep by Tim Frost and Danny RobertsThis is a picture of the back cover of the dream walking society album notes that says Andy Freeman- Bay Area Tone- Mix & Mastering<br />Danny Roberts - Piano, String arrangements Katy McDonald - Vocals & Lyrics Ryan Baxley - Vocals & Lyrics Tim Frost - Instrumentation, arrangements


The Dream Walking Society EP on itunes!

Yay! It’s Finally Here!
Well this is just the start of many more to come. But my friend Tim Frost and I have been working for about a year on putting a full length album together. The album is going to be 21 songs. We thought that it was time to put out the ep for the album, now that we are about half way done with the full length. The last couple months have been kinda hectic trying to wrap this project up. I’m so excited for you all to hear the songs! I do you hope you like them. Click here to go to itunes The Album is only $4.95 on itunes.  It would be amazing if you could help us get the word out about it! I hope you like it and hope you’re having a great day!

P.S. Special Thanks to Andy Freeman & Bay Area Tone for Mixing and Mastering everything, and thank you to my good friend Mr. Ryan Baxley for singing and writing on “Waking in a Dream”, and thank you to Katy McDonald for your wonderful vocals and lyrics on “The Dream Walker”.

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