Miles Aldridge Photo of Sasha Pivovarova black and red lips and fire for Danny Roberts Inspiration Friday Post

Inspiration Friday

Traveling Through Fire For You

Hello friends! Sorry about the belated Inspiration Friday post! Last night, my brother and i had dinner with Helen Zhu (ceo of and we were having so much fun that the dinner turned into a 5 hour dinner! haha So, needless to say, i arrived home a little late, so that is why Inspiration Friday is now Inspiration Saturday! The theme this week is “I Would Travel Through Fire For You”. I really like how the collection of images turned out! I hope you like it, too! I’m excited cause we are decorating for Christmas today!! Woot, woot! :) So i must get going cause, in the words of the White Rabbit, “I’m Late, I’m Late, for a very important date!” Merry Christmas! ;) P.S. If you know who any of the photographers of these pictures are, i would love to give them credit. Just let me know and i will. The first picture of Sasha is by Miles Aldridge, i think. ;) The Second Row picture by Sarah Moon. Also, i think the 3rd image is by Toulouse Lautrec. The B&W image on the fourth picture set is by Steven Meisel.

Black and white picture of a man with a cat head and two girls in 1920 for Danny Roberts Inspiration Friday PostToulouse Lautrec painting of a group of people coupled with a lined texture for Igor and andre Inspiration Friday PostSteven Meisel picture of Lisa Cant coupled with a texture for Igor and andre Inspiration Friday PostIgor and andre Inspiration Friday Image of A cluster of black color lights and a face looking through leavesDanny Roberts Inspiration Friday Image Cute lips and a girl in a bright red dress underwater
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