Inspiration Friday

Traveling Through Fire For You

Hello friends! Sorry about the belated Inspiration Friday post! Last night, my brother and i had dinner with Helen Zhu (ceo of and we were having so much fun that the dinner turned into a 5 hour dinner! haha So, needless to say, i arrived home a little late, so that is why Inspiration Friday is now Inspiration Saturday! The theme this week is “I Would Travel Through Fire For You”. I really like how the collection of images turned out! I hope you like it, too! I’m excited cause we are decorating for Christmas today!! Woot, woot! :) So i must get going cause, in the words of the White Rabbit, “I’m Late, I’m Late, for a very important date!” Merry Christmas! ;) P.S. If you know who any of the photographers of these pictures are, i would love to give them credit. Just let me know and i will. The first picture of Sasha is by Miles Aldridge, i think. ;) The Second Row picture by Sarah Moon. Also, i think the 3rd image is by Toulouse Lautrec. The B&W image on the fourth picture set is by Steven Meisel.

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