Black and white sepia profile photo humphrey bogart leaning dipping actress Ava Gardner  back with his hand to here shin and stairing in to here eyes about to kiss from the 1954 movie barefoot contessa for inspiration friday

Inspiration Friday

It’s the Darkest Before the Dawn

(Images are from 1: the movie barefoot contessa 2: Chadwick Tyler & Lillian Gish in “Way Down East” (1920) 3: Lina Scheynius 4: Sarah Moon & Chadwick Tyler 5: Spencer Tracy in Captains Courageous (1937) Good morning my friends and Happy Inspiration Friday! How are you doing?
So! Last night I went to see the play, “Peter Pan” with my family! It was incredible, so much fun. That is only the 3rd play i have ever seen, but i am dying to see more. It’s so magical! I really hope you like the set of images today! I was really excited to work in one of my all time favorite pictures by my friend Chadwick Tyler (it’s the second image on the left). If you aren’t familiar with his work, check it out, it’s amazing :) Hope you are all having a great day!

Igor and andre inspiration friday Two black and white photos one from sovereign nation new york photographer chadwick tyler and the other of silent film actress and legend Lillian Gish walking in the snow in the movie Way Down East igor and andres inspiration friday post of Lina Scheynius abstract portrait off the reflection of a butterfly textureSarah Moon photo of a japanese girl in a yellow circluar dress with white and black dots and chadwick Tyler picture of imogen morris-clarkeholding a telescope up in a black and white photo of Spencer Tracy in the 1937 classic Captains Courageous
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