Big white blue and Orange Owl flying for igor and andre Inspiration friday

Inspiration Friday Music

Late Night Journey Of Sarah Finn

Awe TGIF! Haha Wow this was a really long week… I’m so tired.. How are you? Did you have a good week? Well Happy Inspiration Friday! Today’s theme is “The Late Night Journey Of Sarah Finn” Which is the title of the first book out of many I’ve been planning on writing. I’ve also been planning to write a music album to go along with the book. The Song I posted above is the Title Track I wrote for of the music album. and the Images above are a pretty good representation of the mood of the book and album to me. Well i hope you like the images and the song! The Images are From Edmund Dulac, Lina Scheynius, Ppimm, johanna, and I’m not sure who took the other ones.

Inspiration Friday Lina Scheynius diary spring picture of a bright tree with red panties in the center igor and andrePhoto from China Photographer ppimm Girls back with a big bow Inspiration fridayArtist Edmund Dulac Painting of Dreamer of Dreams  and a Black and white image of girl running Inspiration friday
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