Artist Danny Roberts Portrait of his brother david roberts aka damien t wallace as a pirate pen and ink black and white.


Happy Birthday My Brother

It’s David’s birthday today! He turned 28. So crazy. :) So i thought i would post an old pirate drawing i did of him as his alter ego “Damien T. Wallace” We saw Joseph Arthur late last night to kick off the birthday celebration, which was the perfect way to start it off, because this was Dave’s first time seeing him perform live. Seriously, it is beyond me how Joseph Arthur is not one of the biggest names in Music. The guy is ridiculous. He has written a zillion albums that are all fantastic. His live performances are something you have never seen before. He goes up there by himself, ad libs on the spot, and creates new versions of his songs. He builds up loops of different instruments, and then picks up a paint brush and begins painting on a canvas behind him while singing the song…. haha Sorry, i will settle down. Needless to say, i think it was a good start to my brother’s birthday. If you could, wish him a Happy Birthday on twitter ;) His twitter name is @David_Roberts_

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