Self-Portrait from my journal" alt="This is image is art is a self portrait out of Danny Roberts journal

Self Portrait

Got the Mondays?

Good morning, good morning. It’s a nice cold morning to start a busy week. How was your weekend? Well, first off Penter from The Familiar Strangers did an interview with me. It was quiet fun, a lot of great questions. If you want to check it out (Click Here) Also, i started another blog that is connected to this one. it is my Image Diary. There are no words to it. Just hope to post a picture or two a day on it. i thought since igor + andré is an art blog, i didn’t want to dilute it with pictures, so i made a new blog dedicated to documentry photography. Since photography was what i first started in school, i thought i would start getting back into it. :) (Click Here) to check it out. Oh and lastly, the drawing today is a self portrait i did a couple years ago in my journal. i hope you like it! Have a great day today! Hi ho, it’s off to work i go!

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  1. Well hello there, my weekend wasn’t bad at all- thanks for asking! Just wanted to say that I’ve only just started reading your blog- but it stole my heart :) and as such, I have tagged you with an “I LOVE YOUR BLOG” award in one of my last posts… you rock! xx

    December 2, 2008 at 1:34 pm