This is Another Painting from Artist Danny Roberts of Canadian blogger and artist Erika Altosaar. The Portrait is apart of his Blogger Portrait Series


Erika Altosaar

Well, i came home last night quiet tired. Had a full day’s work under my belt, and did some coaching after work. Right about the time for me to finally “tuck-in” I stumbled on to an amazing blog. It was full of charcoal drawings and paintings from a Canadian named Erika Altosaar. As i looked through her site, i was delighted by all the sketches. (Charcoal holds a special place in my heart cause that’s what i learned how to draw on) But suddenly when i was about to the bottom of the page, one of her pictures stopped me dead in my tracks. i loved the expression and the mood of the picture. You should know me enough by now to know that i kinda couldn’t resist drawing it, no matter how tired i was. So i walked up to my studio and heard the rain start to fall down, and it was sealed; i had to paint. This portrait i think is my first drawing where i sketched it completely with a brush. And it’s the newest addison to the Blogger Portrait Series. Well, i hope you like! Happy middle of the week! Oh, and check out Erika’s blog

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  1. Lisa | Reply

    i love this portrait, you’re brilliant.
    so glad you stumbled upon her art, isn’t she so talented! she must be the nicest person too.

    November 26, 2008 at 11:28 pm
  2. Anonymous | Reply

    You are so talented!I can´t understand it.
    Do you think that someone who has not drawn so much could come very good at it with practising? I mean me and I am now 18 years old. Sometimes I draw guite much but now I haven´t cause I feel I am so bad at it. Soon I should know what I will do next year when I will graduate and I dont know if I should try to learn to draw.

    November 27, 2008 at 2:17 pm