This is the cover of Vogue Girl Korea July 2011his is a picture of Leith Clark, Anne-Catherine Frey, Danny Roberts, Julia Frakes, Jane Keltner De Valle, Tommy Ton, and Prabal Gurung in Vogue Girl Korea July 2011

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In Vogue Girl Korea!

Hi, friends! I have some very exciting news! I’m in Vogue Girl Korea! Aw, so fun! I’m delighted to be featured along with my friends Julia Frakes, Jane Keltner De Valle of Teen Vogue, and Tommy Ton, as well as Leith Clark of the wonderful Lula Magazine, Anne-Catherine Frey, and Prabal Gurung. What an honor!The issue was featuring vacations for summer. I sent a picture of me drawing in my friend Alice‘s parents’ house on the north shore of the island of Oahu. I was with a group of my very close friends and after a long day in the ocean and the sun I came inside to rest and draw in my sketchbook. : ) Thank you so much to Vogue Girl for including me!

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