Artist danny roberts collage for Whats Contemporaryof his aunt teaching a boy how to read

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What’s Contemporary The Full Set

Hello friends!! well, Here are the full set of images that i made for my What’s Contemporary issue!
I know the Collages are alot different from my usually but i really like it them.
Please go to to see the issue.
and let me know what you think, i hope you like them :)

1910 collage photo of artist danny roberts grandpa for his whats contemporary issue  turn of the century collage image of a boy in a boat with butterfly wings whats contemporary issueArtist danny roberts collage for Whats Contemporaryof his aunt and uncle standing infront of a a japanese yen Artist danny roberts mom mary roberts and aunt in whats contemporary issue collageA collage image from Fashion Artist Danny Roberts for his issue of Whats Contemporary Photo is of Danny Aunt Gina As a kid in 1940A dreamy looking photo of danny roberts mother marry roberts in a wedding dress for whats contemporary issueDanny Roberts digital sketch of an tree person collage with 1915 photo merge whats contemporary issueDanny Roberts Aunt and uncles in the 1940s in a collage mixed in currency from other countries in the whats contemporary issuea mirrored image of my aunt and uncles in the 1940s for the whats contemporary issueDanny roberts collage for whats contemporary issue of his mom grandma uncles and aunt with roberts st basils cathedral backdrop
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