Danny Roberts painting of Jane Aldridge with her sea of shoes line for Urban Outfitters


Jane Aldridge for Urban Outfitters!

Hello, hello, my friends~ How are you doing today? Well, thank you for your support! I packed and shipped out all of your prints today! Thank you, thank you again. Well, i’m sure you have heard that the lovely Texan blogger Jane Aldridge has designed a line for Urban Outfitters! Basically, now she has done two Capsule collections for Urban consisting of 3 shoes per collection. So a total of six shoes! :) When i heard about this, i had to paint her with her line! It’s amazing the opportunities that are opening up to the Blogger Community. :) Jane was my 25th Blogger Portrait. Please check out her blog, Sea of Shoes, you won’t be disappointed! Also, thinking of doing a little drawing lesson for you all tomorrow! ;) Hope you’re having a wonderful night!

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