Artist Danny Roberts documentary Sketch during Gerlan Jeans collection spring 2010

Fashion Show

NYC Sep 13, 2009

Gerlan Jeans – Waiting outside the the Audi Forum, my brother and I had a pleasant surprise. A flash of red hair caught my eye, and I quickly realized that it was Julia Frakes of Bunny Bisous! There, chatting with her, was none other than Susie Lau of Style Bubble! Danny approached them cautiously, as he had done portraits of both of them, conversed with them online, but had never met either of them in person. After conveying his identity to them, hugs were exchanged. Once through the doors, we checked in and tracked down our seats. The collection delivered an urban overtone utilizing grey and white prints of broken brick walls, pink and white prints of clenched fists, and pot leaves. These made their way on to various garments ranging from overalls, to swimwear, to hoodies, and even underwear. All in all, it was a fun event and we were so glad to have met Susie and Julia!” P.S. Our family cat Milo has a hurt foot, and there is a little girl who lives in the house next to us who is in love with Milo. So, today she came over and gave Milo a “Get Well” Card she made him. It is pretty much the most amazing thing ever!

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