This is Danny Roberts drawing of the musician Sarah Jaffe


Thank God For Saturdays.

My family has a new ritual this year for Saturdays. We spend the morning getting bagels and going to Pete’s for coffee and sit and talk. Then we go home and hang out and watch movies. It’s so so so nice, so therapeutic. Well, the picture i posted is this poster i did a little while back for my friend in Texas Miss Sarah Jaffe. She is one of the most brilliant musicians i’ve heard. She just came out with her first official Ep, “Even Born Again”. I ordered it and it arrived two days ago… and seriously, it’s all i ever want to listen to from now on. She is so smart, clever, with the greatest senses of humor, and her voice is one of my all time favorite voices. Her music is the most sincere sounding music you will hear. It is as though she has lived a hundred life times and seen and experienced everything a person could, and she writes with that kind of knowledge. She can do all this, and she is in her early 20s. i think she is going to be huge! Please check her out and support here music.

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