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Danny roberts version of a picture of legs.


Random Legs

Last week, i stumbled on to this random picture of legs, but i loved it. It was so interesting, the pose, so i did a quick sketch. Hope you all like it. P.S. Thanks so much for all your nice comments on the feature. Means alot. :)

this is an old drawing from Danny roberts Sketchbook.


Monday Monday Monday

Happy Monday friends. Thanks for all your kind wishes to my sis. It was an amazing wedding! One of the nicest ones i’ve ever been to. My sister’s amazing! The design of the wedding was so cool. So thanks again. :) Oh, the drawings up there are from 3 years ago when i was designing clothes. These were a few doodles in the sketchbook. :)

Danny Rpberts line drawing of musician ryan baxley dricing a car with a tattoo


Mr. Baxley and the car Ride – Post 112

It’s crazy…. i just realized i’ve posted over 100 times in a few months…. crazy… i drew this picture of my friend Ryan while in the car while he was driving. On a better note, my sister is getting married tomorrow! :)

This drawing is one Artist Danny Roberts did of juilia Frakes


Miss Julia

Well, my friends, as i go to sleep, i know many of you are rising right now to a new day, so i thought i would post now so you all can have a new picture to greet you today. Meet Julia Frakes Blogger from Pennsylvania. i stumbled on to her blog Bunny Bisous the other night. The picture i drew was taken by Garance Doré It’s really a fun one. i would recommend you all check it out. Whatcha think? Hope you like it it ;) Off to dreamland. Night!

Fashion artist and illustrator Danny Roberts drawing of Josette and the elphant king on an elephant

Fairy Tale

Josette & the Elephant King

Howdy friends. Here’s a little elephant drawing i did awhile back. It’s funny, the dress that “Queen Josette” is wearing is one i designed 3 years ago, but for some reason, i couldn’t stop drawing it in every one of my paintings, so there is a short stint where all my drawings had that dress in it. oh yea for Got to tell you N*style magazine in Portugal did a feature on me this issue. i’ll definitely post scans from it when i get a copy. :)

This is Artist danny roberts illustrated Teen Vogue Cover of Natalie Portman

Magazine Cover

Last Night was Fun…

So i’ve been working alot lately… Last night i decided to stop a little early and do some therapeutic drawing, So i ended up drawing this Teen Vogue Cover. I mean, how could i resist? Natalie Portman and a really cute dog?! It was a must. hahah. Yeah, so i hope you all like it.

Danny Roberts fold out sketchbook

Fairy Tale

I just remembered I have a sketchbook

Wow! i can’t remember the last time i drew in my sketchbook. i’ve been working so hard on finishing up projects, i haven’t doodled in my sketchbook in forever. Well, i did a really quick one the other day… i hope you like it. :) How is everyone doing?