Danny Roberts ketchbook drawing of Vlada Roslyakova


Vlada and My Sketchbook

Hello friends, Well i’m in a tired haze right now, so i will make the writing short or this will have too many typos… haha i’ve had an amazing week. i will fill you in.. had a little Disneyland adventure! :) This drawing is one i did a little while back in my sketchbook

This Concept sketch is the birth of Danny Roberts 4th Experimental drawing


Birth Pains.

Howdy friends, how are you all doing today? i’m really, really glad you all like the new paintings! Really means alot! Oh Modelinia was nice enough to post again about my work today! If you want to check it out click here . Wow, so today was kinda relaxing; got organized, did some research. Worked on Ginger Marmalade Toast Miester, and got the new Fever Ray! Oh, so i know the title of this post is kinda random, but it’s a little play off of this saying Sophie used this one time. She said we were pregnant with ideas, so i guess i’m currently having idea birth pains… haha random i know… but today’s post is just the concept sketch to my next painting. i’m really excited about it. i hope it turns out…. hopefully i will finish it tomorrow! Oh last, it’s going to be fun giving the wonderful singer extraordinaire Molly Jenson drawing lessons tomorrow! So like any good teacher, i’m putting together a lesson plan! hahaha So fun. Well, i hope you all are doing great!

Danny Robets Art Sketch of Ryan Baxley and Molly Jenson Preforming music live.


Mr. Baxley and Viento Y Agua

Hello Friends, Well, Mr. Ryan Baxley and Miss Molly Jenson’s Concert at Viento Y Agua was amazing! Both of them sound great. i was bummed cause i forgot my camera to take pictures for my Image Diary… so i ended up trying to take a picture with my pen… which is quiet difficult…. if you have ever tried drawing someone moving and preforming you know what i’m saying… hah this is my little sketch of it. Kinda funny, but it was really fun! How are you all doing? Welp, back to work Saw roman holiday! i’ll have an audrey update tonight :)

Ia quick Sketch by Danny Roberts of Two Girls Dancing, the colors are red and blue


My Dancing Girls

Ok so i ended up watching Funny Face again… hahah It’s so good! Like mind blowing good. My new goal is to get all of the suits that Fred Astaire wore in that movie. Oh, thank you all for the nice comments! i’m really glad you like the prints. :) It really means alot! i mailed some off today. i’m in need of a little drawing break, to get my brain firing on all cylinders. So the painting today i tried something a little different. i just did a quick scribble sketch to try to capture the moment and emotion… i hope you like it! :)

this is an old drawing from Danny roberts Sketchbook.


Monday Monday Monday

Happy Monday friends. Thanks for all your kind wishes to my sis. It was an amazing wedding! One of the nicest ones i’ve ever been to. My sister’s amazing! The design of the wedding was so cool. So thanks again. :) Oh, the drawings up there are from 3 years ago when i was designing clothes. These were a few doodles in the sketchbook. :)

Danny Rpberts line drawing of musician ryan baxley dricing a car with a tattoo


Mr. Baxley and the car Ride – Post 112

It’s crazy…. i just realized i’ve posted over 100 times in a few months…. crazy… i drew this picture of my friend Ryan while in the car while he was driving. On a better note, my sister is getting married tomorrow! :)

This is a photo of a drawing Artist, Danny Roberts, did of an older vogue cover.


Big Book of Models

hello friends. this sketch is one i did last year.
it’s from a vogue cover. I thought i would take a picture of it as well as posting a scan,
so you could see the size. sorry the pictures out of focus. i’m home alone working, so set the camera on my tv and set the timer…
haha and my lens is only manual focus…haha made it tough. yea kinda busy working right now. but can’t wait to show you this illustration i’m working on. it’s a 5 figure illustration 4 girls and one guy. got the concept sketch done now just redrafting and figuring out which models i’m going to use. :) i hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

This is a drawing Artist, Danny Roberts, did of an older vogue cover.
This is  a drawing danny roberts did of Ryan Baxley.


Sketch of the Day

Today i went to the Saw Dust Festival to watch my friend Ryan Baxley play. it was really fun i did this draw of him playing.
how is everyone doing today? Hope everything is going well.

theses Pictures are out of artist, Danny Roberts Hand Made Sketch book.


The Hand Made Sketchbook.

Well if you haven’t realized yet i have a sketchbook for every occasion. There’s the Character Sketchbook(which is drawing of Lily Cole, Gemma Ward, Sophie Ward, and a few here and there), theres Cowboys and Queens book(it’s a all big panoramic drawing the ballerina drawing is from that), i have the “book of the wierd” for abstract drawings, a doodle book, and last but not least the Hand Made Book. The Hand Made book i made last year, it comprised of 4 different types of paper that alternate every page, so with each page turn it’s an adventure. but i would doodle pictures in it. but the point of it was to do more live drawing, and also drawings of my friends, even though there are some random people through out it, here are a few pages out of it.

theses Pictures are out of artist, Danny Roberts Hand Made Sketch book. theses Pictures are out of artist, Danny Roberts Hand Made Sketch book.