Danny Robets Art Sketch of Ryan Baxley and Molly Jenson Preforming music live.


Mr. Baxley and Viento Y Agua

Hello Friends, Well, Mr. Ryan Baxley and Miss Molly Jenson’s Concert at Viento Y Agua was amazing! Both of them sound great. i was bummed cause i forgot my camera to take pictures for my Image Diary… so i ended up trying to take a picture with my pen… which is quiet difficult…. if you have ever tried drawing someone moving and preforming you know what i’m saying… hah this is my little sketch of it. Kinda funny, but it was really fun! How are you all doing? Welp, back to work Saw roman holiday! i’ll have an audrey update tonight :)

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  1. Anonymous | Reply

    i just wanted to thank you because you re work is truly inspiring. i always thought that i could not draw a single line and thanks to you i’m doing my first sketches now and i feel i can finally express myself in this way (although i need soooo much work!)
    when i want to escape reality i’m thinking of a world like your paintings and ukulele sounds (random i know!)
    i will definitely decorate my room at some point with one of your works.
    thank you (:

    March 16, 2009 at 2:19 pm