Figure Drawing of a nude girl in the 1900 by danny roberts

Figure Drawing

Water Color and Figure Drawing

How are you all doing? Well, the post today is a water color sketch i did when i was practicing my figure drawing. The paint texture turned out pretty crazy. I try to keep my figure drawing off this site, but i couldn’t resist posting this one, so i just cropped it down. It is the first water color sketch i’ve done in a long while…. whatcha think?

the original version of the nude picture from Artist Danny Roberts Portfolio.

Figure Drawing

The Uncropped & Unedited Version

Hey-llooo, I was looking though my folders today and stumbled onto the uncropped version of the Nude. It was original done for a magazine, but then they decided to use a picture instead. That is why it was cropped down. So i thought i would show it to yawl uncropped so you could see all the hair. Hope you like it. :)

Artist danny roberts figure drawing from Danny Roberts Book of Nudes. It is of three naked statues.

Figure Drawing

Back To the Basic

Wow, it feels good to be home with the family after Thanksgiving. Hope you had a good day, too. Mine was great; went to my sister and brother-in-laws’ house last night, and had the greatest feast ever! It was really awesome. Well, i was sitting thinking through my strengths and weaknesses in drawing, and trying to plan out what’s my next step when it comes to improving. I decided it was fundamentals time. Time to go back to the basics, back to the beginning of learning how to draw…. yes, back to figure drawing, and back to simple direct contour and blind contour drawing. i think that is the first step… don’t you think? i’m semi new to the area i live in, so i need to find a school, maybe to “Crash” a figure drawing class and practice. Not sure yet how this will work. Any thoughts? Then my next goal, now that i have a little better understanding on the painting process is… i want to conquer color harmony!!! it’s definitely the thing that i’m the worst at. So, Color, here i come! :) Well, not sure if you care about inner thoughts on developing as a “Drawler”, but i would love to hear what yawl think. Any tips or advice for me? :) i hope you’re doing great!