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This Art is a drawing Danny Roberts did of country musician Taylor Swift. The picture is the cover of her new album Fearless


My Mom Made Me Do It

Ok, so, i know this is the 3rd Taylor Swift drawing i’ve posted on here, but this one comes with a story. When my mom saw the drawings i had already posted of her, she said to me, “Oh Danny, you know what? I have the perfect picture of Taylor Swift for you to draw.” i turned to her with a puzzled yet amused look on my face and said, ” Oh yea?” Taking my prompting she responded, ” Yes! When I was at Starbucks today, I saw her new album cover and it’s perfect for you to draw. I mean, in the picture she’s got ‘Your Hair’. You know what I mean, like the hair you draw. You should draw it.” haha. Yes, so this was Saturday that she said this to me. So i always “Honor my Father and my Mother” and thus this post was born. :) On another note, I was contacted by Schnati from the great German blog Les Mads. and she said they wanted to do a interview with me. So it’s up today on their site. Click Here for the Les Mads Interview.

A Drawing Danny Roberts did for Sophie Ward of her sister Gemma Ward.

Volume 2

Castel Glasses

Hey Friends. how was your day? Well, i’m exhausted. Been painting for the last 9 and a half hours straight without a break. i can’t wait to show you all it. The picture today is one i did for Sophie Ward originally for Paper Castle Press. Sophie had me add some Castles on the glasses. :) hah Hope you like it.

This Drawing Fashion artist Danny Roberts did of Taylor Swift


Merry Monday

Merry Almost Christmas! It’s perfect weather; it’s cold and rainy. I’m under a blanket getting prepared for the day, and contemplating making some hot chocolate. Got a busy week. Got to do a few portraits and a magazine cover. Plus, need to go Christmas shopping… need Santa to send some elf assistance…. oh well. The picture today is from this Project i’m working on. i hope you like it. It’s of Taylor Swift. Which you all could help m; i’m trying to get a hold of her for this Project I’m working on… if you could or have any ideas, let me know. or Taylor, if you stumble on to this page email me ;) hahah Have a great day to you all! P.S. i posted a couple pictures in My Image Diary :)

Theses are the envelopes Artist Danny Roberts Mailed to Australian Model Gemma Ward and to UK model Lily Cole


The Envelopes to the Girls

Wow! I just had a blast from the past. i was digging through my hard drive and stumbled on two theses two pictures. They are of the drawings i mailed over a year ago to IMG Models for Lily Cole and Gemma Ward. I had custom made the envelopes and drew those two pictures on the inside flaps. i don’t know. i thought it would be a fun thing to post, considering everything that has happened since then. Just think, if i hadn’t shipped those envelopes, i might not have become friends with my good friend Sophie Ward Wow! It’s always so trippy looking back and seeing how events start little chain reactions. Well, hope you all are having a great Friday!

This image is Artist Danny Roberts Marie Claire Spain Cover

Feature Press

Marie Claire Spain!

Hello friends!
How are you?
Well, i’m excited to tell you I’m featured
I was asked to draw one of their covers so the picture above is my version of it.
It’s going to be featured on the main page tomorrow,
but i was excited and wanted to show it to you today! hahah
Check it out if you like.
i hope you enjoy it. :)

Artist Danny Roberts Web Feature on Marie Claire Spain Homepage
the original version of the nude picture from Artist Danny Roberts Portfolio.

Figure Drawing

The Uncropped & Unedited Version

Hey-llooo, I was looking though my folders today and stumbled onto the uncropped version of the Nude. It was original done for a magazine, but then they decided to use a picture instead. That is why it was cropped down. So i thought i would show it to yawl uncropped so you could see all the hair. Hope you like it. :)

These are drawings out of fashion artist Danny Roberts' Character Sketchbook. The model in the picture is Australian Gemma Ward

The Lily and Gemma book

Pages 24 and 25

Happy, happy Monday to you all. How was your weekend? Is Christmas approaching making your life a little more hectic? It is for me, but Christmastime is hectic; i guess “It’s the most wonderful kind of hectic of the year” (sung in Andy Williams voice) i have a bigger “to do” list than Santa this year. The only downside is, i don’t get a plate of cookies once it’s done… hah Well, the picture today is out of Volume one of my Character Sketchbook. i hope you like it. It’s an oldie but goodie. I also posted a new picture in my Image Diary. It’s a little out take of some pictures me and my Bro were talking for my new Lookbook account. Oh yea! i have a account! hahah It should be fun. i only have one picture up right now. Oh, and lastly, one of my best friends Mr Jason Jones has a new Blog. Some of you might remember him from when i posted his work a few months ago. He is incredible, so cleaver and fun. He has clothes and accessories for sale. They’re amazing! Please check them out. his blog is Lorem & Ipsum. P.S. Thank you to all who have been ordering prints! Your support has been an amazing Christmas present for me.