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Figure Drawing of a nude girl in the 1900 by danny roberts

Figure Drawing

Water Color and Figure Drawing

How are you all doing? Well, the post today is a water color sketch i did when i was practicing my figure drawing. The paint texture turned out pretty crazy. I try to keep my figure drawing off this site, but i couldn’t resist posting this one, so i just cropped it down. It is the first water color sketch i’ve done in a long while…. whatcha think?

Danny Roberts Drawing of Girls laying down in Christian Dior

Fashion Collections

Laying Down in Dior

Wow! Today made my head hurt so bad! Made a lot of changes to the site. Still not done working out all the bugs, but i hope you all like it. Today is my Brother’s Birthday! My mom made the world’s Best Brownies! Well i’m really tired, but i hope you all are doing great! :)

Danny Roberts carrying his Love Josette past creatures in the underground forest

Fairy Tale Music

The Loud was Silenced…

Sorry i spaced on giving you all the info on the song. There was a request for the lyrics on the song. Also, i forgot to tell you i wrote the music and Katy wrote and sang the lyrics, based on the painting i did. (above) If you want to hear some more of her music Click Here The Loud was Silenced…
Verse 1
Her Feet are Tired On the Soggy Ground. This Place is Quiet not a Single Sound. Her Body is Folding Folding Oh So Thin. the Flower its poison Poison seeps within within
Verse 2
What is this inside of me. i can not see i can not see oh. What is this inside of me
i can not lalalalaaaa
Verse 3 (Main Vocal)
She’s Slipping Slipping Slipping from the Poison, Poison, Poison. She’s Folding, Folding, Folding from the Poison, Poison, Poison. (Second Vocal) We’re Gonna make it together. (Third Vocal) Please Please let us through She will not make it If we don’t get there soon, soon I will hold her Tight. We’re Gonna make it Through this Dark Night. Through this Dark Night

The Back of honed creatures trying to attach Danny Roberts and Josette Josette and Mr. Roberts Journey to the underground forest
Alice Baxley and the Thom Yorke Painting


The Baxley’s

Friday! woot woot. Today i had a relaxing day hanging with my friends Alice and Ryan. i was working, and they were working on putting together their wedding invitations, but a good half-n-hour later, we got side tracked dressing up is random costumes and making fake mustaches out of masking tape. We started taking pictures and then we ended up getting coffee and wandering around. It was quiet a fun day!

Ryan Balxey Kissing His Fiancée Alice BaxleyRyan Baxley walking up a grass hill photo by RobertsDanny Roberts Photo of Ryan Baxley Smoking
This Drawing of Blogger Mireia and her new baby Bruno, Danny Roberts painted it with water color


My Daily Style

Howdy Friends. Well, i’m really tired; been working hard today so i shall leave you with this painting i did tonight of amazing Blogger Mireia, of the blog and her new son Bruno. As Gala of said, Mireia is the most stylish mom i’ve seen, and just had a son, so i thought this would be a good picture to do for her. i hope she likes it, and i hope you all like it!

Danny Roberts Painting of the Lovers

Series on Love

The Boy and The Girl

Hello friends! Thanks for the all the great Audrey Hepburn movie suggestions! I think i’m going to sit down and watch every one of them. :) i’m serious, i was so inspired after My Fair Lady all i wanted to do was paint and think and then paint some more. Today was great; finished up a few mini projects, also got a valentine order today, so was getting a Valentine ready to ship out, which was quiet fun. Oh, also, i did this painting tonight. i hope you like it. i don’t know, there is something about it that makes me smile. Oh!! Lastly, i finally mixed the song i wrote with my good friend Christie Dupree! I wrote the music and she wrote the lyrics and sang it. i’ve been writing a fairytale story in my head for years, and the characters are based on people in my own life. Christie’s character’s name is Camille Queen of the Trees, so that’s what the song is about. Hope you like it! i’m off to dream land! Night. EDIT: Christie just Joined the Blogging Community!!!!!! go check out her blog!

This is Danny Roberts First Magazine Cover for oxygen magazine

Magazine Cover

First Magazine Cover!

My oh my, hello friends! How is your day going? Mine was great! Besides the fact that i’m home sick, I saw “My Fair Lady” for the first time today. Yet again, i fell in love with Audrey Hepburn… Seriously, what the !?! She was incredible in that movie! It’s left me sitting here thinking over that movie, replaying the scenes…. So Good! Also, I just got back the Cover i did for Oxygen Magazine! i’m excited to finally show you all it! It’s kinda uncanny how my drawing’s neckline is so similar to this picture of Audrey. haha So fun. Yes, thanks again for all the love on the Valentine post. I ended up setting up one of those Etsy Account… Finally, i have a few originals up for sale. Also, i put up some other prints. Also, i plan on getting some lower price range prints up, just been trying to figure out how to do it, but don’t worry, hopefully it will be up soon.

A photo of audrey hepburn in my fair lady
Artist Danny Roberts Valentines video featuring Teen Vogue editorial
0:00 / 0:00

Valentines day Video

Valentine’s Video

So I ended up making a stop motion Video of me drawing the Valentine. i hope you like it.
Thanks again for all the wonderful comments on the post below, it was a blessing! :)
Hope your day is going well!

Danny Roberts Holding the Valentine he made for his Bloggers

Valentines day

Your Valentine!

Wow, happy early Valentine’s day! How are you all doing? i think i’m getting sick which is kinda a bummer, but any ways, i had an idea a few weeks back to make a Valentine for all you to be able to download and print and give to someone you’re dating, or you like, or just a friend, or family member… haha anyone, but i must tell you, it is made to be shared, so please share the love around ;) With that said, i’m going to share it with you all!

A couple kissing in Danny Roberts valentines painting.