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This is Danny Roberts Art out of his Character Sketchbook, it's drawing 202 its of mona Johannesson holding a magical Owl Looking like a Princess.

Volume 3

“Mona and the Magical Owl”

“Igor it’s alive aaaliveee!”- Dr. Frankenstein I’m having fun doing these new pages. How are you all doing? i really love the weather this time of year. Well, drawing number 202 is of Mona Johannesson and a Magical owl. I mean, how could i resist! Is it just me or does Mona Johannesson remind you of a Princess? Every time i see her, my first thoughts are Fairytale Princess. hahah Well it’s true! i hope you all are doing great! To see more from Volume 1 and Volume 2 see volume 3 just clickClick here

This is the first drawing from Volume 3 of Danny Roberts Character Sketchbook. The Photo is by Steven Meisel.

Volume 3

Volume 3 ? ? ?

Well, yesterday my cousin was hanging out in my studio working on a self-portrait for her art class. i was just sitting there going over my projects and i made a big decision… and my friends, I’m happy to say i have started on VOLUME 3!! of the character sketchbook. i wasn’t sure if i was going to do another volume, but i started it and it just started flowing again! i’m excited. i hope you like it!

This Drawing is page 168 out of Danny Roberts Character Sketchbook, The Drawing is from Volume two of the book and is of Australian Super Model Gemma Ward in a Chanel Ad.

Volume 2

Long Hair and Red Lips Page 186

Morning morning! The drawing today is one of my favorites out of Volume 2 in my Character Sketchbook. i think it’s a Chanel ad, and it’s of Gemma Ward. i really like the peaceful expression. i hope your like it! Hope you’re having a great day! Oh P.S. i’ve been trying to finish up Sophie and my kid’s book. My friend, Jason, hand wrote all the text in the book, and it looks amazing. He ended up making a font out of his handwritting which is a free download on his blog click here to check it out. It’s my new favorite font! :)

This is a Page out of Volume 2 of My Character Sketch Book. This is Drawings 168 and 169 in it. The Girl in the drawings is australian Model/ Writer Sophie Ward

Volume 2

CSB 168 + 169

Hey there Friends, How’s your Tuesday going? Mine got off to a late start… i got lost in a dream, and the dream would not let me leave till i had finished it. So yesterday i got a request to post another drawing from my Character Sketch Book. I know it’s been a while so i thought i would~! :) and since my dream reminded me of my good friend Sophie Ward, i decided to post some drawing of her out of the book. Hope you like.

This is day 4 of Danny Roberts 5th oil painting. The art is 5ft by 4.5ft

Large Format Art

Day 3 – Horse Girl

Hello friends, how’s your Sunday going? Well, mine is going great. i started to try to develop the background layer today. Almost done with the underpainting. Not quiet sure what i’m doing, but it’s starting to come around, i think. i might need to let the paint sit for a day. i hope you all aren’t getting sick of the post on the process. If you are, just let me know. :)

Artist Danny Roberts 5th oil painting this is the underpainting.

Drawing Process

Day 1 of the Horse Girl

Hey, hey friends. Worked on the under painting today. i’m really excited about this picture. Oh, thank you all for the help on the last post. You’re the best.:)

This is a sketch on wood Danny Roberts did of of a girl on a horse. This is the Artist 5th oil Painting

Drawing Process

Horse Girl Part 2

Happy Wednesday! Hope you’re all doing great. My coffee is sinking in and i’m starting to feel awake… hah Well here it is….. It’s the sketch of the horse girl on wood. It’s 5ft by 4.5ft. i’m really excited for this one. Not sure what the background should be… There are 3 possible backgrounds i’m considering… but yay! i can’t wait to do this one. After i finish it, i think i might try to do an artshow with all my “Royal” Themed Pieces. i’m new to the whole Gallery scene. Do you all know the names of some galleries that my work would fit nicely in?

This is a sketch Artist Danny Roberts next oil painting.

Concept Sketch

New Things To Come.

Today being the inauguration day, i thought i should post a sketch of new things to come. :) This will be my next 5ft oil painting some time in the future. It’s just a rough draft sketch, but i’m really excited about how it will turn out. How are you all doing today?

This Drawing Artist Danny Roberts did of two little boys dressing up

Fairy Tale Music

The Clown and the Pirate

Howdy, my friends. A new week, tons of fun! Woot, woot! Here’s a quick sketch i did for you all today. i hope you like it. Also, i wrote this song for you all this weekend. i hope you like it. It’s part of my album I’m writing call “I’m Living In a Soundtrack” which is the soundtrack to my life. hahah. Yesss! So i hope you like them. How are you all doing? if you want to hear more music posted on this blog Click Here