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This Drawing Artist Danny Roberts did of two little boys dressing up

Fairy Tale Music

The Clown and the Pirate

Howdy, my friends. A new week, tons of fun! Woot, woot! Here’s a quick sketch i did for you all today. i hope you like it. Also, i wrote this song for you all this weekend. i hope you like it. It’s part of my album I’m writing call “I’m Living In a Soundtrack” which is the soundtrack to my life. hahah. Yesss! So i hope you like them. How are you all doing? if you want to hear more music posted on this blog Click Here

The artwork here is a oil Painting of New York Shoe Design Lowe Stellberger. Wells is a designer for Marc Jacobs and now has his own shoe line called Heutchy


The Man Behind Heutchy.

Howdy Folks, it’s Friday! Woot, woot! So, so, so glad. Been working a lot. Been dying to get painting again. But on kinda a sad note…. i think my studio is offically full! Like the Thom Yorke Painting is sitting on top of a chair. Marie Claire cover is leaning a against the six foot layered picture…. hm… i guess i have one of two options; first, maybe i can start doing Gallery shows so it frees up more room to make more art to hang in here….. or two, i can try to figure out how to hang art on the celling… haha, but need to figure something out soon. The painting i posted today is of one of my best friends brother-in-law Lowe Stellberger. He has his own Brilliant Shoe Line called Heutchy, which i was lucky enough to get to design a fabric for his Spring 09 Collection (which is coming soon). Oh and the painting was my second oil painting. i hope you like it. :) P.S. i got the funniest fortune cookie yesterday. It said “3 months to this day, something great will happen to you”. I’m hoping it comes true… So folks, mark the calander, April 15, 2009. It’s going to be a good day! hahahha

This is Artwork Danny Roberts did for his friend Alice. the picture is based on his own Fairy Tale. The song on this Page is Writen by Ryan Baxley

Fairy Tale

Bedtime Stories & Fairytales

Morning, Morning! So i got a haircut yesterday, which was much needed cause my hair was about the longest it’s ever been! So needless to say, i feel quiet nice this morning. The post for today is a drawing i did for my friend Alice. Well, on New Year’s Eve we went over to her house and i looked up on the wall, and low and behold, the Painting was on the wall. :) Oh, p.s. the picture is of me on another adventure in the underground forest. But seeing it again made me want to post it. i really enjoy this one alot. I posted a song for one of my best friends Mr. Ryan Baxley. i thought it was fitting considering the post was about his fiancés painting. :) It’s really a great song from his Album “Bedtime Stories & FairytalesRyan Baxley’s Song or if you want to hear more music posted on this blog Click Here

Artist Danny Roberts portrait of a girl stephanie to help a guy win a girl over.


A Christmas Present

Wow! Hey friends! Sorry about the absence. i’ve been hustling on this project and haven’t slept for like a week… hah Well anyways, little while back a guy named Tom talked to me about doing a portrait of a girl he knows, as a Christmas present for her, but it took a while to get an image and finally this picture was born. He wanted me to do the piece in order to win the girl over. which seemed like a nobel cause. i’m about to send it off today. So Stephanie, if you are reading this, here is your Christmas present, and i hope you all like it and hope you are still with him. :)

Benjamin A. Williams III


Benjamin A. Williams III

Hey all. Well, it’s 2 in the morning and i have a few more hours of work left, so i shall make this short. The post today is a drawing i did of one of my all time best friends since 3rd grade Mr. Benjamin A. Williams III. We are working on a project together and i did this portrait for it. Hope you like it. Hope you’re all doing great! :)

This is a self portrait Danny Roberts did with crans

Self Portrait

I Play With Crayons

Hello friends, please forgive my quick sabbatical. My 4 best friends came into town and reunited in the first time in a while. We have all been friends since i was in 2nd grade, so needless to say, i was out and about. Posted some pictures from it up on my Image Diary. The picture i posted is a goofy self portrait i did with a little Crayon set. It was really fun drawing and coloring with crayons. Wow, there are so many fun things to do when you are a little kid; coloring, playing tag, playgrounds, Hide and Go Seek, the hot lava game. i’m been really wanting to play those games lately. i need to find a group to play it with… and probably need to find a good forest for it, too.

This Portrait is from Danny Roberts Blogger Portraits series. it's of alaska blogger marisa of Thumbelina blog



Hey there friends, how’s the day going for ya? i had an action packed day, got a few paintings done, and started a drawing portrait of a ogre. haha i did this picture tonight of Marisa from the blog Thumbelina. i have to say, her blog is one of my favorites. it has the feeling of a dream or a fairy tale. Please check it out. i hope you all like it, :)

This Portrait is Part of Artist Danny Roberts Blogger Portrait Series. The French Bloggers Featured in this picture are Alix of Cherry Blossom Girl and Louise of Pandora.


The Cherry Blossom Girl + Pandora

Merry Christmas Eve!! Wow! i can’t believe it’s here! I’m going to spend the first part of it cleaning my destroyed studio. Right now, i’m typing surrounded by multiple empty coffee cups, drawing references, candy, inks, colored pencils. You name it…. i need to clean.

Well, i finished up my first magazine cover yesterday. i’m really excited for you all to see it! it’s for a February issue of the magazine, so of course the cover theme is my favorite art subject matter, “Love”, but instead of doing something ultra lovey dovey, i decided to shoot for a feeling a little more abstract and harder to capture on paper… i wanted to capture the feeling of “Intimacy”. i wanted the viewer to look at the picture and feel first of all that they were the only person in the world that mattered to the cover girl, and second, that you had known her your whole life.. whether or not i accomplished that remains to be seen. haha

Now, for the main subject matter of the post. (sorry about the rambling; i slept in and now feel wired. hah) The drawing today is a sketch i did of two great French [intlink id=”3829″ type=”page”]bloggers[/intlink] Alix of Cherry Blossom Girl, and Louise of Miss Pandora. Alix’s blog is named after one of my favorite Air Songs, and i’ve been meaning to draw her for a while now. They did a photoshoot called “Les Nymphes” which you know with a title like that you can’t go wrong, but there was a picture of both Alix and Louise i had to draw.Tried something a little different out on the sketch. Hope you like it. Merry Eve of Christmas!