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Pictures my brother david took of Danny roberts

Personal Style


      Shades Of Greige, in Shirts
      Handmade, Salvation Army, in SHORTS
      Paper Denim & Cloth, in DENIM SWEATERS
      Cole Haan – Shoes
This is a preview of a Drawing Artist Danny Roberts did for Marie Claire


I Own Clothes & New Paintings

Wow! i think God put life on fast forward. These days and weeks are flying by. I got a lot done this week. The image above is a sneak peak of a painting i did over the last few days. It’s for an interview, so i don’t want to post it yet. On another note, I shopped and bought clothes for the first time in 2 years. Like i said, it had been a while and i needed clothes very much. i kinda spent way more money then i planned on spending, but i have to say, i got some really fun clothes. i dropped them off to get them altered right now, but i’ll have to show you them when i get them all back! Have a great day, my friends.

Sophie Ward's feature in silver magazine


Road Trip of a Life Time!

Well my friends, since mom has adopted Sophie and i guess Sophie has adopted us as her American family, i have to share this with you all. i’m really excited for her. The images i posted are some scans from Miss Sophie Ward’s blog. They are from an article she wrote for a magazine called Silver Magazine. In it, she tells the story about a road trip that she and her sister did around America. For me, it’s really fun to read and see because that was around the time Sophie and i started to become good friends. Actually, if you read the story at the end where they leave from Vegas for LAX airport, that day they actually stopped by my house on the way, which was the first time they had seen my studio. And it was the first time Sophie saw, in person, the drawings i did for her book the Ginger Marmalade Toastmiester. Go to her blog if you get a chance and enjoy!

This is artist Danny roberts, 150th drawing out of his character sketchbook. it is of australian model Gemma Ward's back

Volume 2

A Back Turned – CSB 150

Hello! Hello! Well, i’m closing in on finishing a few projects. Can’t wait to show them to you. The drawing i posted today is from The Character Sketchbook. It’s one of my favorites out of the book. Not sure why. It’s a drawing of a back… but i really like how it came out. i hope you like it. p.s. Thank you to all for your nice words on the last post :) You all are the best.

This is a upcoming drawing from Artist Danny Roberts of a Marie Claire Spain Cover

Drawing Process

Busy Bee

Hey there friends. How are you? i’m working on 4 projects right now, so sorry in advance on the brief post. This is a drawing i’m doing right now; it’s not finished yet. Also, i posted a self portrait up at my Image Diary. i hope you like it.
p.s. Oh, yeah, i heard back from Dazed & Confused magazine yesterday about the cover contest, and they are going to put mine in this next issue of the magazine!! :) i will post it when it is up.

Self-Portrait from my journal" alt="This is image is art is a self portrait out of Danny Roberts journal

Self Portrait

Got the Mondays?

Good morning, good morning. It’s a nice cold morning to start a busy week. How was your weekend? Well, first off Penter from The Familiar Strangers did an interview with me. It was quiet fun, a lot of great questions. If you want to check it out (Click Here) Also, i started another blog that is connected to this one. it is my Image Diary. There are no words to it. Just hope to post a picture or two a day on it. i thought since igor + andré is an art blog, i didn’t want to dilute it with pictures, so i made a new blog dedicated to documentry photography. Since photography was what i first started in school, i thought i would start getting back into it. :) (Click Here) to check it out. Oh and lastly, the drawing today is a self portrait i did a couple years ago in my journal. i hope you like it! Have a great day today! Hi ho, it’s off to work i go!

Artist danny roberts figure drawing from Danny Roberts Book of Nudes. It is of three naked statues.

Figure Drawing

Back To the Basic

Wow, it feels good to be home with the family after Thanksgiving. Hope you had a good day, too. Mine was great; went to my sister and brother-in-laws’ house last night, and had the greatest feast ever! It was really awesome. Well, i was sitting thinking through my strengths and weaknesses in drawing, and trying to plan out what’s my next step when it comes to improving. I decided it was fundamentals time. Time to go back to the basics, back to the beginning of learning how to draw…. yes, back to figure drawing, and back to simple direct contour and blind contour drawing. i think that is the first step… don’t you think? i’m semi new to the area i live in, so i need to find a school, maybe to “Crash” a figure drawing class and practice. Not sure yet how this will work. Any thoughts? Then my next goal, now that i have a little better understanding on the painting process is… i want to conquer color harmony!!! it’s definitely the thing that i’m the worst at. So, Color, here i come! :) Well, not sure if you care about inner thoughts on developing as a “Drawler”, but i would love to hear what yawl think. Any tips or advice for me? :) i hope you’re doing great!