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lilly Cole Character Sketchbook 146 by Danny Roberts

Volume 2

Tuesday Made Me Tired..

Wow, it is only Tuesday night and it’s not even late and i feel really tired… anyone feeling the same? I’ve been dreaming more lately, so i think that might be contributing. Been traveling to distant lands and worlds the moment i close my eyes… So, i plan on posting a new song my friend Christie and i did. Hope to mix and post it tomorrow. i hope you like it. She has an insanely amazing voice! :) The drawing i posted today, i did about a year ago. It’s drawing number 146 out of my Character Sketch Book. i hope you like it. I’m home working tomorrow, so i will have some new stuff for ya soon! i hope you all are having a great day :)

Model mona johannesson sitting in a field and a renaissance painting

Inspiration Friday

The Siren Book Act 5

Hey there, my friends. How have you been? You all have been amazing! Such nice and great comments and questions; i’ve been trying to get back to comment to all of them, so if i miss your question, try to let me know. :) Ok, so over the last couple weeks, my good friend from the other side of the world, Miss Sophie Ward, has been blessing me with daily new Chapters from our Collaboration Siren Art Project. So i’ve been reading it over and listening to the wonderful songs my incredible friend Stacy Dupree has written for it, and my brain has been going wild!! It’s killing me not getting to share the stories and the song with you… but soon, i promise, soon! i think it is going to be the most beautiful project i’ve ever done by far! I may not be able to share the words or the songs yet, so i think i will share a few pages out of the 350 page inspiration book i threw together for the project, to give us a vision before we had one. This section is the inspiration for the second to last section of the story. :) Hope you like it!

Model mona johannesson sitting by the sea and a girl in pastelDanny Roberts inspiration book girl with her hair blowing, and a couple kissing.beautiful inspiration friday image of a girl in red hair and bonettRomantic photo shoot of polina kouklina under a tree inspiration fridayModel laying on her back and spiraling colorsa Fashion image of a girl in bathing suit and brown hair laying on her back, and a close up of Mona Johannessons face
Drawing of David Roberts Look straight forward painting by Danny Roberts


Mr. David Roberts

How was the weekend, Friends? You all get enough sleep and rest to start the week? i sure didn’t. haahha. i’m running on fumes. Was working all weekend. Well, the drawing today is one I did of my brother. We were both sitting across from each other drawing each other. i drew it with a pen on cardboard and then water colored it and finished it off with chalk pastel. It was a very fun relaxing night. We started drawing after our nightly Mario Cart session! Woot, woot! Hope you all are doing great, and hope you like the portrait of my brother. :)

Artist Danny Roberts Drawing of Lily Cole as a Queen, she has orange red hair, blue eyes

Blue Eyes

The Red Hair Queen

Wow, i can’t believe this week is over! It’s friday; so crazy. Well, i’m getting geared up right now for a long day of drawing. The picture i’m posting today is of Lily Cole looking very Queen esk. i did this picture awhile back, but like all my drawings, they’re pretty high res. so i wanted to post a close up on it. i hope you enjoy it. Hope you all have had a great week. :) Oh also new Look up on LookBook. just everyday kinda thing… haha click here to see it.

Danny Roberts painting of a Blue eyed girl Laying on here side

Art Blue Eyes

The Blue Eyed Girl

Hello, my friends! Whatcha been up to? Wow, thanks for all the lovely comments on the drawing of Lisa. :) The drawing i’m posting today is one i did for a client, but it wasn’t exactly the art direction they were looking for, so i get to share it with you all. i hope you like it. It was a blend of water color, ink, color pencil, and pen. Are you getting excited for Fashion Week coming up? Anyone going? Well, i’m definitely excited to see what’s coming out. :)

This Painting is of one of Danny Roberts Favorite Swedish Bloggers, Lisa Olsson of the blog LisaPlace.


Lisa Place Cheerleading

Hey, hey, hey Friends, Wow, it’s early in the morning, Thank you all for all the lovely comments today, kinda overwhelming, and thanks for you who added the bloglovin code to the blog. It was a trip to click on your sites and it was there looking back. ;) Just finished up this painting of Lisa Olsson of the great blog Lisaplace. i think it was a week or two back that she posted a picture of her and her friend at a cheer competition. And I’m not sure if it was how interesting the picture was to draw, that caused me to want to draw it so much, or it might have been the fact i did Cheer many, many moons ago, but i really like how it turned out. i hope you like it. :)

Danny Roberts Portrait of Gala Gonzalez of


Gala Gonzalez

Hi friends! How are you? Well, i’m off to bed but i have to go into work tomorrow so i decided i would post tomorrow’s post now, cause i’m a Zombie man in the morning and would probably forget to post. Oh! ok so I stumbled on to this blog named today i started looking through it, and there was this one picture of blogger Gala Gonzalez caught my eye. She was wearing this amazing black dress, and i couldn’t help but draw it. So here it is. i hope you like it. Check out her blog if you haven’t yet. i hope you guys are doing great. Thanks for being awesome. ;) Also if you want to check out more of from the Blogger Portrait Series Click Here. Oh! Also, i got an email from Mattias from BLOGLOVIN which is my all time favorite Blog Directory. He asked me to design an icon for Bloglovin, and it’s up today!! If you have a blog lovin account, just log in and you can get the code to it. My icon is to the left of this post. :)

Fashion illustrator Danny Roberts painting is inspired by Numéro Korea january 2009 by Sofia Sanchez and Mauro Mongiello and of model Myf Shepherd

Volume 3

The Rat Race

This is Art out of Danny Roberts 3rd Volume of the Character Sketchbook. The Painting is drawing 203. Well, it Monday, Monday, Monday! How was your weekend? Like i said in the last post, i started a Twitter account. Still not sure how it works and all… so i just keep posting a blow by blow of my day… haha i wanted to post the third drawing i did a few days ago from my Character Sketchbook. It’s weird to think i’m in the two hundreds already in the book. Kinda fun. i think it will be a fun book to publish in the near future to show my drawing evolution. :) Well friend, i hope you’re doing wonderful. Happy day! The Drawing was inspired by Sofia Sanchez and Mauro Mongiello photo of model Myf Shepherd.