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This is a picture Danny roberts did of Blogger Lisa From Lisa place

Sketch book

Lisa Place Laying in Lace

So i just had the best bowl of chili and garlic bread for lunch and now i feel great! Work is going pretty well…. but here’s that drawing i was talking about in the previous post. It is of Lisa of the blog Lisa Place . The picture was quiet lovely and very expressive, and she was wearing lace, which is something i’ve been needing to work on, so it seemed like a perfect combo. Hope you like it and hope everyone’s having an amazing day! P.S. i’ll have some wall papers hopefully later tonight when i get home.

This is a portrait of Lily Cole & Gemma Ward, from Danny Roberts Lily Cole and Gemma Ward character sketchbook

Volume 2

198 + 199

Wow, the title looks like a math equation. hahaha. Well, let me finish it. {198 + 199= 1 more to go} haha Wow! That was a cheezy joke… oh, well… Today i’m going in to work… which means i’m dressed and up earlier than the norm. Oh! to all the very lovely people who were nice enough to ask if they could commission me to do a portrait… I really feel bad i haven’t been able to get back to you yet. i’ve been swamped, but don’t worry, i plan on getting back to each and every one of you as soon as i can. i’ve been working on drawing ornate things, so i did a drawing last night of lisa in lace. i’m going to post it later hopefully… Well, off to work to pay the bills. To see more from Volume 1 and Volume 2 just Click here

This image is Wallpaper Danny Roberts made for Igor + André



So I figured out a little too late that i had skipped number 198. haha so i decided to draw that one today. i’m half way done with it. I really like how it’s turning out. i think it will look kinda different for me; been working on developing new techniques. On a side note… i’ve got a few comments asking if i could post images for computer wallpaper. I hadn’t though of that, and thought it was an interesting idea…. so the image above is my first attempt at it. Click on it to get the full size image. If you all want me to make more i can…. i hope every one is having an amazing day. i think i’m off to lunch… or is the saying out to lunch? hahah. well anyways. enjoy.

This is a portrait of Gemma Ward, from Danny Roberts Lily Cole and Gemma Ward character sketchbook

Volume 2


Well, morning morning friends! I’m up and wide awake excited for today. I’m hoping that this will be the day i finish Volume 2 of my Sketchbook! The drawing above is the second to last page in the book. Did it yesterday. Hope you guys like it. I have a question for you, and i would really love to hear your thoughts… There has been talk about publishing this book. It would be 1 book, both volumes, so 200 drawings and about 220 pages. I would love to know how many of you would be interested in getting it? Also to answer a few questions… Alot of you have been asking if i have any art for sale. Right now, i don’t, but i’m working on getting an online store set up, so hopefully soon. :) It warms my heart that so many people would want to support me in that way. One thing that would help me alot, if you have the time, is if you can click here, and vote on the prints you would be interested in, that would help alot.

A web banner of Swedish style blogger Carolina engman of Fashionsquad by danny roberts


Fashion Squad

Why hello my friends. i’m back with one more post for today. I had forgotten to post this web banner i did for lovely Miss Carolina from This is just the drawing i did of her. Too see the full web banner, click on the drawing and it is a link to her site. i hope you like it. Also, i’ve been getting a lot of questions on what materials i use and my process. i’m going to post a video soon. i filmed the full process and i think it will help. Hope everyone is doing great! P.S. Thank you! Thank you to all you wonderful people for all the nice comments you’ve left. You seriously don’t know how much it means. It’s a blessing that all yawl enjoy the drawing. :) Just wanted to say thanks again.

a self portrait of artist danny roberts

Self Portrait

Say Hello to Mr. Self Portrait.

Good morning, good morning! I’m happy to present you a self portrait i did yesterday. Don’t be scared; i’m not mean…. hahah The portrait looks kinda mean. i usually have a smile on my face, but i don’t draw smiles too well…. so i went with the serious look, like a 1920’s portrait. Well, i’m not done with the video yet. Should post it tomorrow maybe.

This is another sketch danny roberts did of blogger Tavi


Quick Sketch…

Good morning! i how are yawl doing on this fine day!? Welp i’ve already got rolling on the self portrait… i’m filming it so i’ll have a video soon. Last night i did this quick sketch of Tavi from style rookie. She is really fun to draw, so much personality. Hope you like it. Have a great day.

These drawings are portraits Danny Roberts did of Lisa Place.


Different Media.

Happy Sunday! Wow, this weekend went way too fast. i’m still way too tired. Got a lot of work and trying to keep up. i doodled up this drawing just right now. It’s of the same picture i posted yesterday, but this time with different materials. It’s always fun for me to see how the same drawing comes out with different materials. How was all your guys weekend? I’m watching Ghostbusters right now with my family. That movie is one of the funniest movies. I think i’m going to do a self portrait tonight for this magazine in Portugal. I’ll post it when i finish. Hope you’re having a GGGGGRRRReeeeeatttttTTT day!

Danny roberts portrait of the swedish blogger Lisa of lisa place


Lisa Place.

Tonight i was hanging out watching the Olympics and the movie Chariots of Fire in honor of the Olympics. As i was watching the movie, i painted this. As i have said in the past, i’m not much of a painter… so this was more of an experiment for me. i drew it of the blogger from “Lisa place”. i hope you like it this blogger portrait.. Have a great night.