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Self Portrait Video

Finally the Video.

Good Morning, Good Morning, i love the Morning. Finally the Video! i promised i would get it to you, and wow, i had to jump through a few hoops to get it done, but i really like how it turned out. The song is by one of my best friends since i was in kindergarten, Mr. Ryan Baxley. He is Brilliant! One of those Musical Genuis’. Yep, yep! That is him singing and playing. Please check his music out by clicking here For those who couldn’t tell what materials i used it was pen, then watered down ink, then colored inks, then Prismacolor pens, colored pencils, then blended them. I really hope you all like the video and i hope it answers some questions. If you haven’t seen the finished Self Portrait from that Video… Click Here to see it.

an illustration Danny Roberts did of the Ginger Marmalade toast miester

Fairy Tale

The Time Machine.

So i’m not much for multitasking…. but here i am working on twenty things at once. Working on this big illustration for a online fashion community in Australia right now. i’ll show you when i’m done. My brain feels really scattered today, so do forgive me if i jump topic a few times. haha. Well, the pictures i posted above are the unfinished version of one of my drawings from the children’s book i’m doing with Sophie Ward. I can’t wait to have it done. Really excited about it. Oh, made some improvements on the site, just on the About me and the Blogger portraits so far. i wrote a little bit about how it came about. On the Prints … Yes, i have international shipping for all you lovely friends all over the world. Thanks for the votes. i used them and am printing the top 4 you all voted for. i’m trying to get the ball rolling for ya. :) On the video on the Self Portrait process, should be up, i hope, in the next few days. wow…. Do any of you have a time machine that i could borrow? Need to figure out how to fit 48 hours in one day. Oh my, that would be so nice. i just get lost in music and my drawing world and hours fly by too fast… How are you all doing today? i hope everything is going amazing for you all! Good day!

an illustration Danny Roberts did of the Ginger Marmalade toast miester
This Picture is from Danny Roberts character Sketchbook, Volume: The Lily and Gemma Book.

The Lily and Gemma book

oh the Beginning…

October 30, 2006 It was an overcast day, i was visiting my brother at school with my friends, Ryan and Alice. I was sitting on the ground hanging out when i had the idea to do a sketchbook to monitor my journey of learning how to draw. Two years and 199 drawings later, here i am, one left. I sat down last night and looked through Volume 1 of the Character Sketch book. It was so fun to see the growth. That’s why i posted drawings 3 and 4, so you could see the starting point. :) Thanks for all the name suggestions on the book. It helped so, so, so much. I think that i have decided on the book’s name. i’m running them by my partner in crime, Sophie, and few of my friends. Once it’s 100%, i can’t wait to tell ya! Welp, i hope you’re having a relaxing Sunday. Watching Seinfeld right now! Such a good show. :)

This is Danny Roberts drawing of the musician Sarah Jaffe


Thank God For Saturdays.

My family has a new ritual this year for Saturdays. We spend the morning getting bagels and going to Pete’s for coffee and sit and talk. Then we go home and hang out and watch movies. It’s so so so nice, so therapeutic. Well, the picture i posted is this poster i did a little while back for my friend in Texas Miss Sarah Jaffe. She is one of the most brilliant musicians i’ve heard. She just came out with her first official Ep, “Even Born Again”. I ordered it and it arrived two days ago… and seriously, it’s all i ever want to listen to from now on. She is so smart, clever, with the greatest senses of humor, and her voice is one of my all time favorite voices. Her music is the most sincere sounding music you will hear. It is as though she has lived a hundred life times and seen and experienced everything a person could, and she writes with that kind of knowledge. She can do all this, and she is in her early 20s. i think she is going to be huge! Please check her out and support here music.

This is a picture Danny roberts did of Blogger Lisa From Lisa place

Sketch book

Lisa Place Laying in Lace

So i just had the best bowl of chili and garlic bread for lunch and now i feel great! Work is going pretty well…. but here’s that drawing i was talking about in the previous post. It is of Lisa of the blog Lisa Place . The picture was quiet lovely and very expressive, and she was wearing lace, which is something i’ve been needing to work on, so it seemed like a perfect combo. Hope you like it and hope everyone’s having an amazing day! P.S. i’ll have some wall papers hopefully later tonight when i get home.

This is a portrait of Lily Cole & Gemma Ward, from Danny Roberts Lily Cole and Gemma Ward character sketchbook

Volume 2

198 + 199

Wow, the title looks like a math equation. hahaha. Well, let me finish it. {198 + 199= 1 more to go} haha Wow! That was a cheezy joke… oh, well… Today i’m going in to work… which means i’m dressed and up earlier than the norm. Oh! to all the very lovely people who were nice enough to ask if they could commission me to do a portrait… I really feel bad i haven’t been able to get back to you yet. i’ve been swamped, but don’t worry, i plan on getting back to each and every one of you as soon as i can. i’ve been working on drawing ornate things, so i did a drawing last night of lisa in lace. i’m going to post it later hopefully… Well, off to work to pay the bills. To see more from Volume 1 and Volume 2 just Click here

This image is Wallpaper Danny Roberts made for Igor + André



So I figured out a little too late that i had skipped number 198. haha so i decided to draw that one today. i’m half way done with it. I really like how it’s turning out. i think it will look kinda different for me; been working on developing new techniques. On a side note… i’ve got a few comments asking if i could post images for computer wallpaper. I hadn’t though of that, and thought it was an interesting idea…. so the image above is my first attempt at it. Click on it to get the full size image. If you all want me to make more i can…. i hope every one is having an amazing day. i think i’m off to lunch… or is the saying out to lunch? hahah. well anyways. enjoy.

This is a portrait of Gemma Ward, from Danny Roberts Lily Cole and Gemma Ward character sketchbook

Volume 2


Well, morning morning friends! I’m up and wide awake excited for today. I’m hoping that this will be the day i finish Volume 2 of my Sketchbook! The drawing above is the second to last page in the book. Did it yesterday. Hope you guys like it. I have a question for you, and i would really love to hear your thoughts… There has been talk about publishing this book. It would be 1 book, both volumes, so 200 drawings and about 220 pages. I would love to know how many of you would be interested in getting it? Also to answer a few questions… Alot of you have been asking if i have any art for sale. Right now, i don’t, but i’m working on getting an online store set up, so hopefully soon. :) It warms my heart that so many people would want to support me in that way. One thing that would help me alot, if you have the time, is if you can click here, and vote on the prints you would be interested in, that would help alot.

A web banner of Swedish style blogger Carolina engman of Fashionsquad by danny roberts


Fashion Squad

Why hello my friends. i’m back with one more post for today. I had forgotten to post this web banner i did for lovely Miss Carolina from This is just the drawing i did of her. Too see the full web banner, click on the drawing and it is a link to her site. i hope you like it. Also, i’ve been getting a lot of questions on what materials i use and my process. i’m going to post a video soon. i filmed the full process and i think it will help. Hope everyone is doing great! P.S. Thank you! Thank you to all you wonderful people for all the nice comments you’ve left. You seriously don’t know how much it means. It’s a blessing that all yawl enjoy the drawing. :) Just wanted to say thanks again.

a self portrait of artist danny roberts

Self Portrait

Say Hello to Mr. Self Portrait.

Good morning, good morning! I’m happy to present you a self portrait i did yesterday. Don’t be scared; i’m not mean…. hahah The portrait looks kinda mean. i usually have a smile on my face, but i don’t draw smiles too well…. so i went with the serious look, like a 1920’s portrait. Well, i’m not done with the video yet. Should post it tomorrow maybe.