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Danny Roberts Valentine he made for a girl of Valentines day

Valentines day

Pardon My French.

Hahah So first off, pardon my French. i know the French on this picture is grammatically off… Also, i know today isn’t Valentine’s Day, but i thought i would post it anyways. i found this the other day. It’s kinda a goofy Valentine i made years ago for my friend. hahha It makes me laugh looking at it. It’s suppose to say “Will you be my Valentine: yes or no” hahahahha Oh, on another note, i joined BlogLovin today. If you haven’t, i would suggest checking it out. It’s a great way to sort through blogs. If you have it and want to, add this blog (click here).

Danny Roberts Story the loyal lion

Story Excerpts

The Finisher.

Right now i’m trying to earn a new name… “The Finisher”. i’m at the finishing line of so many projects right now, i just want to seal them off! :) Very Very Exciting… Don’t worry, the book is almost done… haha and don’t worry, there are more drawings in this book… hahhaha Hope everyone is doing terrific!

Chapter 2 and 4 of the loyal lion

Story Excerpts

Two More ;)

Hope you’re liking my first adventure as a youngster. this is the third and forth chapters of the loyal lion story i wrote in 3rd grade.

This is chapter 1 from danny roberts book the loyal lion

Story Excerpts

Chapter 2 – My Arrival

“Just then I saw the Tunnels Of The Moles. Looking at it made me claustrophobic. I entered it and heard digging sounds. Suddenly, one of the moles came out of the tunnel. I was frightened because he was taller then I. I tried to run, but he or she pulled my leg. They took inc to their leader. Ile was a black and white guinea pig who was four feet tall, and has a gigantic toothpick for a spear. I felt like running, but the mole who grabbed me before was holding me too tight. Each time I struggled he squeezed tighter. I didn’t answer any of his questions except the last one. lie asked me why I was here. I replied with the answer. “To see my friend?’ lie asked, “Who is your friend?” I answered, -King Andrew.” Right when he heard that, he threw me directly in the dungeon. When I though about escaping I was more frightened of the thought. The cell guard of my prison fell asleep, which gave me time to escape. When I walked around the corner, I heard a sound which I had heard before. Oh. no! Another mole was coming. I needed to hide. All of a sudden, one of the guinea pig’s guards screamed. “He escaped. The boy escaped.” Just then I felt adrenaline pumping through my body. I could not move. A spear hit my leg. I was frightened. When I was lying on the ground. I saw an opening if I could climb up. Suddenly two boulders fell beside me. It was my good friend the buffalo. He was four feet tall and he was green. Fie was the last of his kind.”

hahha… i just had an idea to do an audio book version of this story… hahaha It will be ridiculous. :) Enjoy. If you haven’t read chapter 1 click here.

this is Danny Roberts Unfinished drawing

Drawing Process

The Unfished Drawing

Ok, so there is a story with these drawings. A while back like 3 years ago, right when i was learning how to draw, i drew this picture, and designed the clothes and everything. Then i got to a point where i was too afraid of trying to finish it cause i thought i would ruin it, which is funny cause i usually always experiment and am not worried about ruining it. i think i thought it was the greatest drawing i’ve done… hahaha Well, i might finish it someday, but i like seeing how different my style has changed in a few years…

This is chapter 1 from danny roberts book the loyal lion

Story Excerpts

The Loyal Lion

hahah Well, as i said here is chapter 1 from “The Loyal Lion” It’s a story i wrote and illustrated in third grade. i would write a chapter a night and then come into class and the teacher would read it to the class, one chapter every day. So i thought i would post it the same way. hahah It’s so funny to read, and the illustrations are pretty funny. Like you notice how that drawing is of a tiger and not a lion??? i’m pretty sure i thought a tiger would be more fun to draw and that’s how i decided… haha On a different note, sorry haven’t posted much this week, but i’ve been working for 3 weeks straight without a day off and it finally caught up to me…. so i’m currently at home sick… yep. yep. yep. Hope you’re having a great day.

Danny Roberts Portrait of Taylor swift.


Taylor Swift

Hey friends, how are you all doing? It’s late and i think i’m getting sick… been working so much lately. i think it should slow down soon. i doodled this up tonight. Sophie said i should do a series of famous people…. Somehow the conversation got onto Taylor Swift today. Anyways, i thought she would be a good starting point in that series. i had a lot of fun drawing her. Now i just need to figure out how to get the drawing to her…. :) hm… any suggestions? hahaha i hope you are having a great day. i found an old story today that i wrote in 3rd grade; i think i’m going to post a chapter from it every night…. haha It’s pretty funny. haha Goodnight! If you could help me get this to her by tweeting the painting that would be amaizng! here twitter account is taylorswift13

This is a sneak peak from number 200 out of danny roberts Volume 2, Aliens with extraordinary ability

Volume 2

…. A Sneak Peak.

Hip hip hooray my friends! Well i’ve been working on my Character Sketch Book for: 1 year 11 months and 17 days! It looks like today might be the day i finish up the Second Volume of the book! So with that said you are probably wondering what this has to do with the images i posted… well i normally don’t do any concept sketches in my character sketchbook cause they are all blind contour cheating a little. But i decided for the last one of Volume 2 i wanted to have it go out with a bang! hahahah So the idea is, i wanted to do a drawing with all the people who are drawn in the book, kind of like a closing curtain call in a play where every one comes out and bows. Since it’s never good to know the ending of a book or movie… i’m not going to post the finished drawing or show the arrangement… but i didn’t want to leave you in the dark, so here are some of the really rough working drawings. You’ll just have to use your imagination on the arrangement! Hope you all are having a great day. P.s. For thoses who are wondering… Yes that is me wearing lederhosen. hahaha

This is a sneak peak from number 200 out of danny roberts Volume 2, Aliens with extraordinary ability This is a sneak peak from number 200 out of danny roberts Volume 2, Aliens with extraordinary ability This is a sneak peak from number 200 out of danny roberts Volume 2, Aliens with extraordinary ability
Danny roberts illustrated portrait of the Polish blogger Alice of Alice Point


Alice Point

Hello friends. Sorry for the lack of post. I’ve swamped! Feel like a chicken running around with his head cut off (which is such a crazy thing that chickens can do that, huh?!) But anyways, i drew this picture today of a great blogger from Poland named Alice Zielasko. i really like the blog. it’s called Alice Point check it out. Hope you like the picture. Have a lovely day!