Artist Danny Roberts Concept Sketch of story Character Knight cat

Concept Sketch

KnightCat Concept Sketch

Well, I am happy to say that I just finished uploading all the videos to my Skillshare class. :) It was a good challenge for me. I’m not use to articulating my art process, and definitely not use to doing talking videos. David was kind enough to help me with the videos. All ‘n all, I’m really excited for you to take the class. We actually cover alot of techniques and concepts, so I can’t wait to see what you all make for it. The class unlocks next Wednesday, December 4, 2013. Since it’s online, you can do the class at your own pace. I’m going to try to post some of my favorite student projects on here each month. If you want to take the class click here for more information. Now for the drawing… the sketch above is the concept sketch for a collaboration I did with model Codie Young. For you who follow me on Instagram, you know what i’m talking about. I will be posting more about the collaboration, plus a video of us creating it, in future posts. This sketch was just the raw first draft concept sketch for a character from the book that David and I wrote. The character’s name is Knightcat. I hope you like her ;)

Artist Danny Roberts Concept sketchs for Ginger Marmalade Toast Miester of his cat milo

Concept Sketch Story Book

My Kitty Milo

Hey friends how was your weekend?
We’ve been worried about my cat Milo, who went missing last week. :( In honor of the wonderful cat that he is, I thought I would post a sketch I did of him. The Sketch was a concept for the book my friend, Sophie Ward, and I did. The book’s name is Ginger Marmalade Toast. We put up flyers of Milo today so hopefully we will get him back soon. He’s a good kitty.

Danny Roberts Painting of a snow globe for a Lancome Joyeuses Fetes

Concept Sketch

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Hello 2010!

YAY! Hello Friends! I’m missed you all so much! It seriously was really tough not blogging for the last few weeks. Thank you all for being so understanding about the break. So… I have so much to tell you! ah! I might need to video blog to fully fill you in ;) But anyways! i’m back and ready to rock! I’ve been writing music over the last few days. So relaxing! I think i might post tomorrow, a song I just wrote yesterday… The post today was one of my first concept paintings i did for Lancome. It was a fun little concept to paint. I liked how the snow globe turned out. Oh, also, i had an idea to start a web channel named “Igor+André Channel” So, i’m not sure how it’s going to come together, and not sure who would be involved with it, but hopefully, the idea comes together. Oh me, oh my, i have so much to say, most i can’t talk about yet! Very exciting times! Happy 2010 :)

This is a sketch Artist Danny Roberts next oil painting.

Concept Sketch

New Things To Come.

Today being the inauguration day, i thought i should post a sketch of new things to come. :) This will be my next 5ft oil painting some time in the future. It’s just a rough draft sketch, but i’m really excited about how it will turn out. How are you all doing today?

This is artist and Fashion Blogger Danny Roberts sketch on the elepant tunnel

Concept Sketch

In to the Elephant Cave

Hey everyone, How have you been? Life for me has been busy but exciting. Been working on some fun projects lately. Oh, and i get to pick up my good friend, Miss Sophie Ward, tonight at the airport. She’s going to be here for a few days. It’s going to be really fun. i’m sure there will be some pictures from our adventures. :) Hope you’re having a great day!

This is a sketch from Artist Danny Roberts

Concept Sketch

Out To Sea

Hey Yawl, Thought i would post this little sketch i did at work when i was bored… hahah.. Hope you like. :) …. Oh yea. i bought a bunch of oil paint equipment… Never done it before, going to try to teach myself. i’ll keep you posted.

This drawing is a study sketch from Artist Danny Roberts, in Sophie Wards Ginger Marmalade Toastmiester

Concept Sketch

Cat Eyes

Good morning. :) Thank you to all who commented about Miette. We talked to the pet hospital and she will be released this afternoon! Hopefully, she will have a steady recovery. :) This drawing is another study sketch of Joey as Ginger Marmalade Toastmeister. i was seeing what cat eyes would look like on him… haha Hope you likes it. :)

this is a drawing Artist Danny Roberts did for Sophie Wards Childrens book

Concept Sketch


Hey there friends. The drawing up there is a early concept sketch i did for Sophie Ward’s kids book. She had the idea of basing the cat character of this boy i coach named Joey. This was me trying to figure out how to do that…. hahah Don’t worry, Joey makes an appearance a few pages into the book… :)

This is a Drawing Danny Roberts sketched of the siren in his story with Sophie Ward and Stacy Dupree Presented by Paper Castle Press

Concept Sketch

First Sketch

well today was kinda a wierd day and spent it really tired. i’ve been working alot.
but today i did my first sketch for this up coming project i’m doing. it is super sloppy, and i was just goofing around hope you like it. for more info on the siren project i reposted the write on it from Paper Castle Press web site

“The Siren Who Loved by Danny Roberts, Sophie Ward and Stacey Dupree. The Siren project is a collaborative begun by Roberts, based in Los Angeles. Roberts illustrations have provided the foundation of inspiration for this haunting love story about a man driven across the ocean for the hand of a deadly and yet illustrious woman. The project is built out of multiple and varied artistic contributions, all building towards a final installation which will take the spectator on the journey of the story through Roberts’ choice of imagery, Duprees audio and Ward’s written word. Upon completion The Siren will be printed in its full entirety by Paper Castle Press.”

This is a Drawing Danny Roberts sketched of the siren in his story with Sophie Ward and Stacy Dupree Presented by Paper Castle PressThis is a Drawing Danny Roberts sketched of the siren in his story with Sophie Ward and Stacy Dupree Presented by Paper Castle Press