Danny Roberts Painting of a snow globe for a Lancome Joyeuses Fetes

Concept Sketch

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Hello 2010!

YAY! Hello Friends! I’m missed you all so much! It seriously was really tough not blogging for the last few weeks. Thank you all for being so understanding about the break. So… I have so much to tell you! ah! I might need to video blog to fully fill you in ;) But anyways! i’m back and ready to rock! I’ve been writing music over the last few days. So relaxing! I think i might post tomorrow, a song I just wrote yesterday… The post today was one of my first concept paintings i did for Lancome. It was a fun little concept to paint. I liked how the snow globe turned out. Oh, also, i had an idea to start a web channel named “Igor+André Channel” So, i’m not sure how it’s going to come together, and not sure who would be involved with it, but hopefully, the idea comes together. Oh me, oh my, i have so much to say, most i can’t talk about yet! Very exciting times! Happy 2010 :)

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