Fashion Artist Danny Roberts Rough Draft of His Painting for the Tiffany and Co. SoHo Store Live Painting

Drawing Process

Tiffany SoHo Live Painting Day 1

The Day has come! I start today on my live painting project at Tiffany and Co.’s new SoHo store! This image is part of the rough draft (there are many more people in the finished version) of the piece. So the theme for the project is love. I hope you all think the finished painting fits the theme :) Because of the scale of the this project (15′ high, 34′ long) and the fact that I have only three days to finish, I realized the best thing to do was to begin the art at home, and finish the piece here in SoHo. Today, we are having a giant print installed of the work I did at home, and then I am going begin the final painting on top of the print and have the piece finished by Wednesday night. I’m really excited for you to see it! David will be live streaming me painting later today and on Tuesday and Wednesday as well. You’ll be able to view the video here on the blog and also on our Facebook Page.

Artist Danny Roberts Rough Draft sketch is inspired by Andreas Öhlund photo of Mona Johannesson and Bo Deveilus for Stockholm S/S/A/W

Drawing Process

Very Rough Draft for Tomorrow

Hello Friends, How was your weekend? Mine was wonderful. We basically hung out all weekend watching the first Season of the TV show, Fringe. I forgot how good that season was. Well, the sketch today is a super duper rough draft sketch i did for an oil painting i want to start tomorrow. The sketch is inspired by Andreas Öhlund’s photo of Mona Johannesson and Bo Deveilus for Stockholm S/S/A/W. I was thinking of possibly Live Ustreaming me painting tomorrow. I’m not sure if it would be too boring for yawl. hah. Let me know if it is something you would like, cause I will need to pick up my studio for it. It’s a complete mess right now! Well, I hope you’re having a great night. :)

Artist Danny Roberts 5th oil painting this is the underpainting.

Drawing Process

Day 1 of the Horse Girl

Hey, hey friends. Worked on the under painting today. i’m really excited about this picture. Oh, thank you all for the help on the last post. You’re the best.:)

This is a sketch on wood Danny Roberts did of of a girl on a horse. This is the Artist 5th oil Painting

Drawing Process

Horse Girl Part 2

Happy Wednesday! Hope you’re all doing great. My coffee is sinking in and i’m starting to feel awake… hah Well here it is….. It’s the sketch of the horse girl on wood. It’s 5ft by 4.5ft. i’m really excited for this one. Not sure what the background should be… There are 3 possible backgrounds i’m considering… but yay! i can’t wait to do this one. After i finish it, i think i might try to do an artshow with all my “Royal” Themed Pieces. i’m new to the whole Gallery scene. Do you all know the names of some galleries that my work would fit nicely in?

This is a upcoming drawing from Artist Danny Roberts of a Marie Claire Spain Cover

Drawing Process

Busy Bee

Hey there friends. How are you? i’m working on 4 projects right now, so sorry in advance on the brief post. This is a drawing i’m doing right now; it’s not finished yet. Also, i posted a self portrait up at my Image Diary. i hope you like it.
p.s. Oh, yeah, i heard back from Dazed & Confused magazine yesterday about the cover contest, and they are going to put mine in this next issue of the magazine!! :) i will post it when it is up.

Danny Roberts Painting of Sophie Ward

Drawing Process

I’m Starting to Figure This Out

Good morning my Friends! Well, i stayed up late last night painting. I’m still learning how to paint, but last night was the first time where i felt like i’m going to able to figure out how to paint. hahah. It’s true. i never could picture myself being able to paint, it’s such a foreign concept to me. i’ve been scared of using oils, just thought it wasn’t for me, but this has been such a fun experience! It’s always fun to try something new and let it stretch you. : )This is the third layer of paint… i think there will probably be 8 layers. Right now I’m letting the paint and glazes dry. i hope you all like how it is coming along.

The painting is part of a How to Series. Click the links below to see this piece come to life
The Under painting
Layer work (current post)
Finished painting

This is Artist Danny Roberts first oil painting

Drawing Process

A Little More

Well, there is definitely a learning curve with this oil painting thing… i sure hope i can fine tune it and pull it off..