Fashion Artist Danny Roberts Rough Draft of His Painting for the Tiffany and Co. SoHo Store Live Painting

Drawing Process

Tiffany SoHo Live Painting Day 1

The Day has come! I start today on my live painting project at Tiffany and Co.’s new SoHo store! This image is part of the rough draft (there are many more people in the finished version) of the piece. So the theme for the project is love. I hope you all think the finished painting fits the theme :) Because of the scale of the this project (15′ high, 34′ long) and the fact that I have only three days to finish, I realized the best thing to do was to begin the art at home, and finish the piece here in SoHo. Today, we are having a giant print installed of the work I did at home, and then I am going begin the final painting on top of the print and have the piece finished by Wednesday night. I’m really excited for you to see it! David will be live streaming me painting later today and on Tuesday and Wednesday as well. You’ll be able to view the video here on the blog and also on our Facebook Page.

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