This is a sketch on wood Danny Roberts did of of a girl on a horse. This is the Artist 5th oil Painting

Drawing Process

Horse Girl Part 2

Happy Wednesday! Hope you’re all doing great. My coffee is sinking in and i’m starting to feel awake… hah Well here it is….. It’s the sketch of the horse girl on wood. It’s 5ft by 4.5ft. i’m really excited for this one. Not sure what the background should be… There are 3 possible backgrounds i’m considering… but yay! i can’t wait to do this one. After i finish it, i think i might try to do an artshow with all my “Royal” Themed Pieces. i’m new to the whole Gallery scene. Do you all know the names of some galleries that my work would fit nicely in?

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  1. Nathalia | Reply

    wow! i absolutely love this one!

    unfortunately i cannot help with the galleries, though it would be nice to see your work in brazil! hahah :)

    happy wednesday for you too!

    January 21, 2009 at 6:39 pm