Australian Model/ Writer Sophie Ward sitting and Posing for My Painting

Guest Writer Studio

Lady of The Paper Castle Visits Danny from Igor & Andre HQ

So I am at the maestro’s house! It’s incredible! Everyone should always be so lucky. Here I am bigger than life size on a wooden board being coated in oils. Magnificent. Danny’s studio is amazing: I have been having a sleep over while I pass through LA on route to Australia, watching CNN all day on a giant flat screen, getting kinda high off oil-paints, drinking milk and way too many Halloween chocolates. You know, I have never experienced the magic of a Baby Ruth before, but was drawn in by its reference to The Sandlot Kids – obviously. Legend in a chocolate!! The Pellegrino is flowing, inspiration is booming, Neko Case is swooning from giant speakers, paintings are looming over me from all four walls and dimensions. Did you know Danny can do 3D paintings? One painting is wearing real clothes. The apple I am holding in the picture below remains uneaten, I don’t know why, but I am eyeing it off, along with all the old LIFE magazines from the 60s with covers declaring the first man on the Moon, the Kennedy assassinations, Martin Luther King, even Batman, Superman and the Marquis de Sade wait patiently. I feel like Peach from Mario Kart in a multicolored universe of many dimensions: A bowl of cereal at her feet, coffee and compliments delivered daily by the beaming inhabitants of this magical land. If I have shared even a fraction of the greatness it is to be here, I hope you feel it: Danny’s paintings hold magic in them. And every morning I wake up having dreamt amongst them, having been spoken to by the beautiful women in ink that surround me. If I was a flat-lander in a 2D universe, I wouldn’t mind being one of Danny’s imaginary creations, just to live in this studio and watch him work all day. What a cool dude. Great life, great-ness.

The painting is part of a How to Series. Click the links below to see this piece come to life
Outline (current post)
The Under painting
Layer work
Finished painting

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  1. ‘initiate retrieval suction number one… Initiating retrieval suction number one, now!!’ The Sandlot ROCKS! One of my posts is called ‘the colossus of clout..’

    “Oh! The Great Bambino! Of course! I thought you meant The Great BAMBI!”
    “That wimpy deer??”

    ps. Danny is the best.

    November 9, 2008 at 11:39 pm