Danny Roberts Reinterpreted vogue Russia cover of trump model Polina Kouklina

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Polina Kouklina Vogue Cover

Wow! Ok, so this was one long weekend. I ended up being sick all weekend. It’s kinda a curse i have… Whenever i decide to take a few days off from working to rest, i get sick. So pretty much, i’m always nervous about taking days off cause i get sick! haah Well, i decided to finish up the painting i started on my trip to NYC. You know, the one from the video? Well, the painting is of the amazing Polina Kouklina on the cover of Vogue. I have to say, Polina is one of my favorite models. She is incredible looking, such a fresh look. I hope you like it! :) Hope you’re having an amazing day! :) Also, if you want to see my other reinterpreted Vogue covers Click Here

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